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Apr 222014

I’m almost done with the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and as soon as Miss Terry gives me her recipe column I’ll be ready to print it out for her to proofread. Then I’ll ship it off to our printer sometime this evening and they’ll check it out one more time. I’m always glad to put a new issue to bed. This will be our 15 year anniversary issue. That’s a lot of travel stories and RV adventures!

Except for two or three outside articles over the years and Miss Terry’s recipe column, I’ve written every word of every 36 page issue. I’ve never counted, but one of our readers once estimated every issue averaged about 60K words. And then I write an average 500+ word blog 7 days a week, and let Bad Nick do his thing too. No wonder I’m tired!

Northern Arizona is known for high winds this time of year, and today the weather report is for 30 to 35 mile per hour winds, with possible gusts to 50. I sure am glad we’re not going to be traveling in that!

While I was working on the paper yesterday, Miss Terry decided I deserved a treat, so she made her signature pizza for dinner. No matter how many times we’ve had it, the first time I bite into a slice it still amazes me that anything can taste that good. Between the pizza, cinnamon rolls, pork tenderloin and other goodies she’s been cooking and baking while we’ve been here, I think son-in-law Scott and I have both put on ten pounds. Scott told Terry he’d build her any kind of custom kitchen she wants with any appliances her heart desires if she’ll only stay and keep on cooking for him. And I think for a minute or two she seriously considered it!

I got an e-mail yesterday from a couple who sat in on some of our classes at Life on Wheels several years ago, telling me that they were all ready to hit the road fulltime on two separate occasions and got cold feet and backed out both times. But the third time was the charm and April 30th will mark the end of their first full year on the road. “Why in the world did we wait so long?” they asked. “We’ve had a couple of minor speed bumps along the way, but overall every day has been a wonderful adventure and we love this lifestyle!” I replied that I hate to say “I told you so, but….” If there is one common regret almost all fulltimers tell us about, regardless of how long they have been on the road, is that they wish they had started sooner.

We know the feeling. Terry and I started when we were 46 years old and we have never had one moment of regret. Sometimes when we’re hanging out with Tiffany and her family we think about how much we are missing by being on the road, but then we remember all that we would be missing if we ever hung up the keys. Nope, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. There is still too much left for us to see and do.

Thought For The Day – Never argue with a man who loves the sound of his own voice.

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  4 Responses to “Almost Done”

  1. We started fulltiming when I was 49….14 years ago. We are often asked if we have any regrets….and our response is that we regret not starting sooner….It is a great lifestyle, and I cannot see us leaving it until we are forced to…..

  2. Greatest Thought for the Day ever. But “a man” could be replaced by ” anyone”.

  3. Nick;I can not say that the full time RV lifestyle was for me on the onset but the two years that my wife granted me was a gift that I cannot ever repay.This great country that we are blessed with and the people that we have met in that short time changed me.I am very glad that I was given that opportunity. I will say this to anyone that will listen. Two years on the road, as cool as it was in not enough time to see and experience the great gift that we have been granted. I read your blog as my first thing every morning while sipping my morning coffee and enjoy every post that you make. Thank you for opening your world to us that are not as fortunate.

  4. We were just having this discussion with some half time friends of ours that came through for a couple of days. We started fulltiming 8 years ago at ages 56 & 48. We quit our stressful management jobs and sold the house. It wasn’t the greatest decision financially but then we discovered workamping. Volunteering in state parks has been great and saved us lots of $$. We’ve been able to spend quality time with valued family members around the US and meet treasured friends. No regrets and no plans to settle down. Thank goodness it’s not for everyone, we don’t want them all “on the road”.

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