Winners And Losers

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Mar 112014

I apologize for forgetting to announce the winner of last week’s drawing for an audiobook of Jason Deas’ Birdsongs. We had 161 entries and John Huber was the lucky winner. Congratulations John, enjoy your audiobook. Stay tuned, because another contest starts tomorrow.

I guess for every winner, life gives us some losers too. In Sunday’s blog I told you about how the rude and inconsiderate employees at the Luke Italian Beef restaurant on Grant Road refused to allow Terry to use their bathroom because we were not customers, even though we were standing in front of the counter waiting to order. As it turns out, each Luke’s is individually owned and operated. Yesterday morning I talked to Jennifer, the owner of the restaurant on Grant Road, who told me that was her policy and that we were in the wrong. She said Terry could have left and not returned their restroom key and they had to protect themselves from that. Who knew that there is an organized ring of old farts stealing restroom keys in Tucson? I guess if you acquired a truckload of hot keys you could melt them down and sell them for scrap and afford a couple of cans of Metamucil.

Two winners are Greg at the Luke’s on Fort Lowell Road and Jason Amadori, owner of the Luke’s on Speedway Boulevard, both of whom were very apologetic for Jennifer’s attitude and dismayed by her “policy.” As Jason said, “there is no excuse for misbehavior to our guests and to just not have common compassion for a person.” I’ll be sure to patronize the other locations in the future, because they should not suffer because of one franchise owner with terrible business and people skills.

Another group of losers are the folks who run a tiny speed trap of a town northeast of Gainesville, Florida on U.S. Highway 301. According to this story, Hampton (population less than 500) has a 1,260 foot stretch of highway, but the cops there issued 12,698 speeding tickets between 2011 and 2012. According to the comments after the story, there are several other towns in that area that may be just as bad. We love traveling the two lane roads, but we’ll avoid that particular piece of highway.

We had unexpected company yesterday! Our friends Rick Schaefer and Marcia Gantz are parked here at the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park and came over to say hello. We had a nice visit talking about our mutual RV travels and plans for the future. We hope to see Rick and Marcia again soon in our travels.

Today I need to go up to the office and renew for another week, and then I think we’ll just hang out at home and try to get some work done. I just have to figure out how to insert the page numbers on Terry’s cookbook Miss Terry’s Kitchen to have it ready to submit for a print version. I also want to format three of my books, Highway History And Back Road Mystery II, Overlooked Arizona, and Overlooked Florida, for print so we can have them ready for our vending booth at Escapade in May. And maybe if I work really hard and behave myself, Miss Terry may reward me with some freshly baked cookies! Smile

Thought For The Day – Nobody wants to hear about your diet. Just shut up, eat your salad, and be sad.

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  8 Responses to “Winners And Losers”

  1. You see? Rudeness at that restaurant starts at the top and works down!

  2. I especially liked Jason’s reply, where he not only mentioned good customer relations, but also just common compassion for others. I’d love a world where common compassion for others would reign.

  3. Didn’t that restaurant know that are mother’s always made us wash our hands before we eat. I’m surprised anyone would want to work for a manager like that.

  4. Hampton, FL. A total disgrace.

  5. hat’s more valuable, the minor cost of an occasional lock re-key or customer compassion and return business, I’ll bet Jennifer hasn’t figured that out yet. When I taught high school woodshop (all boys) we welded a bathroon key to a tow chain and bolted it to a toilet seat, never lost a key. Just say’in.

  6. Going to Tucson soon and surely will not go to have a meal with Jennifer. I appreciate your tips on good restaurants!

  7. It does defy any explanation at all…eating out has become so much LESS pleasure these days. We are back in Seattle area again…and have had several similar situations…we were only gone 4 months from our last sojourn here…and even the same restaurant has significantly gotten worse. And yes, it seems from the top down. One has always been good and still is…but it used to be, clear back to the early 1980’s when we began to visit this area, that it was amazing for how friendly and polite most everyone was, being a big city etc. Well, now it is becoming very rare to be treated decently at all. Our daughter was talking about this to us today…said, “Why do you think I order so much of our food online, like Amazon, etc? I simply HATE going to shop anyplace here anymore…” SO sad…. I sent an email to the local Lowe’s this week…about an employee needed some extra training (when you go to open up your lane with 2 long lines of folks in line at the other tills, you DO NOT choose the last person in line to open up your area with…after 13 exchanges I let the manager know I did not want to be bothered anymore answering any of his silly questions.” Told him I only suggested she needed more training…not the inquisition!! I guess they don’t know what the meaning of is, is.

  8. I agree with you about that Luke’s location. Last Spring I was there with my girlfriend and my grown son. I was having a very bad day with my sometimes bum hip. .Since the place was fairly full I left Jim and Charlotte in line to get our food and, using my cane,went to claim a table,.
    After a few minutes, a young man came over and told me I had to get up as I wasn’t eating. I told him I was waiting for my son to bring our lunch. He said I could not sit there without they needed the space for ‘payong customers” (I was the one paying for lunch).
    I made a huge production out of trying to get up while he stood there watching,offering no help.I finally vacated the table as my son approached, at which point the guy turned and told Jim,” here’s a table for you Sir, This woman is just leaving.”. He assisted my friend into her side of the table while I stood there beside him .He turned to me very smugly ,He turned quite red when I then sat down beside her and Jim asked” Mom, why were you leaving?”
    I didn’t tell him then, My son, crossed, would make Bad Nick seem like a cuddly kitten!

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