RV Fire!

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Mar 172014

Even though we had the misfortune to come home and encounter an armed burglar in our motorhome a few years ago, I don’t really worry all that much about crime when we travel. A weather radio keeps us updated on storms if we are in an area prone to tornados, and I am confident enough in my own and Terry’s driving skills that I know we can handle anything that comes up on a routine road trip. But one thing that I fear is an RV fire. We’ve seen a few of them and they are terrifying.

One of the most common causes of fires is the Norcold refrigerators that are found in many RVs, and though the company has done several recalls to fix the issue, it seems like they still happen all too often. These picture are of a motorhome fire yesterday at the Orlando (Florida) Thousand Trails preserve. Our friends Denny and Cindy Henderson, who posted these pictures on Facebook, said they were out for an early morning walk and spotted the fire soon after it broke out. All indications are that it began in the refrigerator compartment, and as you can see, it didn’t take long to destroy the coach. Fortunately, the owners got out safely.

RV fire TT Orlando 2

RV fire TT Orlando

RV fire TT Orlando 3

We have had all of the Norcold recalls done and we have also installed one of Mac McCoy’s  automatic fire extinguishers in our refrigerator compartment, but upgrading to a house style refrigerator is very high on our To Do list.

Refrigerator unit

If you have read and enjoyed the 9 Killer Thrillers anthology that I participated in a while back with eight other bestselling authors, you’ll be glad to know that the reception was so good that we’ve done it again! That’s right, 9 More Killer Thrillers is now available on Amazon, Nook, and other e-book venues, and just like our first compilation, you can get nine full length novels by the likes of Russell Blake, Melissa F. Miller, L.T. Ryan, John L. Betcher, Luke Romyn, Claude Bouchard, Michael Wallace, M.J. Rose and yours truly for just 99¢. You read it right, less than a buck for nine full length mysteries and thrillers. How can you go wrong with a deal like that? Get yours today!

9 More Killer Thrillers

And speaking of books, congratulations to Aaron Borovoy, the winner of our free drawing for an audiobook of Dog’s Run. We had 207 entries in the drawing, and stay tuned, because another contest starts Wednesday.

I finally finished formatting the printed version of Terry’s cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen, and once she goes over it to be sure I didn’t leave anything out I’ll get it uploaded to Amazon and it should be available in a couple of weeks.

While I’ve been doing that, Terry has been hard at work on her loom and this is her latest creation, a beautiful shawl for my cousin Beverly. At 17 inches wide and some 70 inches long, it’s Terry’s biggest project to date. I suggested that maybe she should make one as a prize for one of our weekly drawings. What do you think?

Terry purple shawl

This is our last day in Tucson and tomorrow we’ll go back up to Apache Junction for a couple of weeks. From there we’re not sure of our exact schedule. If the weather cooperates, we’ll go back up to the White Mountains to spend some time with my daughter Tiffany and her family. This time of year it’s not uncommon for that part of Arizona to have sunshine and 70 degrees one day and snow the next. And we all know how I feel about avoiding that white stuff at any cost!

Thought For The Day – The average human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton.

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  14 Responses to “RV Fire!”

  1. Oh yeah I want one of Miss Terry’s shawls!!! Please, please please make one a drawing prize. She is such a beautiful and talented lady, and so very gracious.

  2. Looks snug and warm to wear on a chilly morning walk. Best picture of Miss Terry I’ve ever seen.

  3. Our motorhome burned last year due to the refrigerator. Very scary. Totally engulfed in flames in 8 minutes.
    Our replacement has a residential refrig which was number one on my list.

  4. We have also seen firsthand the result of fires starting in the refrigerator area of 2 RVs. After the Norcold recalls were done and installation of the fire extinguisher we decided to do a replacement of the Norcold cooling system with the Amish system which claims to have never had a fire issue. It also cools better on a lower setting. This is not a cheap conversion and a residential fridge installation was considered but in our coach we would have had to do more carpentry work to make it fit then we were comfortable with. Miss Terry does a great job of modeling her creation.

  5. After 5 recalls ours failed but luckily not with a fire. We went with a GE Energy Star and love it. Yes, we had to have new cabinetry put in but we gained 4.5 cu ft in the frig and the pantry now has 5 shelves that would hold 21 cans on each shelve vs 3 or 4 wire drawers that held 7 cans. We also got a 4 hole wine rack under it. We love it. BTW we use solar and dry camp 95% of the time and doing just fine.

    I too want a Terry shawl. Get busy Miss Terry.

  6. It was just luck that I chose to purchase a newer model RV with a household fridge. I really had no idea there were so many fires from Norcolds … and there are thousands of them out there. Many people STILL may not know they are a problem. How sad these folks have lost their rig and will now have to deal with the results.

    As for the shawl … Miss Terry it’s gorgeous!! The pattern looks very intricate. What a talented lady!!!

  7. so thankful those folks got out safely, you can hopefully replace the rig but not the folks. We have had our fridge checked out and so far so good, but we do have the fire extinguisher as the first safeguard.The shawl is so beautiful, if she can I think it would be a wonderful prize for your drawing. She is so talented and it seems everything she does turns out perfect. Travel safe when you head back up the mountain to see the relatives.

  8. I would love to win a shawl from Miss Terry or her new cookbook! Nick, how often does Mac suggest checking the fire extinguisher in the refridgerator compartment? We’ve had one for a few years now. Thanks.

  9. One of Miss Terry’s shawls would be a treasure. I could see myself cuddled up in one while poring over her cookbook.

  10. Terry should be so proud of her work. It is beautiful. When I had my yarn store I used to teach all of this but there are not many that did as good as you my friend…Keep at it.

  11. The shawl is beautiful! Thanks so much for the tip on the thrillers – just got both editions for my Nook.

  12. God Blessed me with a 3 yr old used Montana that leaked the Fridge Ammonia so the seller reduced the price $1K for “replacement” and at that time back in 07 I bought a Whirlpool Apt Size Fridge for just over $300 at Lowes. Lighter, cools down quick, slightly bigger, and FROST FREE and low risk of fire. And one reason I did that was the recalls and Fire Risk. Sometime later after my RV purchase and replacement the original Fridge was recalled…

  13. One of Miss Terry’s shawls would be wonderful for anyone that would appreciate it.
    She is a beautiful and talented woman. She has been truly blessed, I know a lot of hard work must have gone into many of her talents. I love her cookbook too. Another thought would be the beautiful apron she was given.

  14. That shawl is much too beautiful to just give away. Tell Terry to sell them on Etsy.

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