Mar 182014

A while back our friends Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard from Technomadia contacted me to invite me to check out a new project they’ve been helping develop called RVillage, but at the time I was involved in so many different things that I never did really did get to it. Since then the project has come a long way, and RVillage is now live, and it’s easy to see that it is going to be a great resource for RVers.

According to an announcement on Technomadia, the core idea of RVillage was to create a very simple (and free) tool for RVers to connect with each other. Not just online, but right in the RV parks and places they are currently staying in. When a user checks into a location in RVillage, they can discover the things that they have in common with other RVers that are nearby. Check it out, I think this new social network is going to be a winner!

Something else new you might find interesting is Flippin’ RVs, a new reality TV show in which husband and wife team Justin and Anna Scribner seek out rare vintage and collectible travel trailers around the country and take them back to their shop, Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restoration, in Bend, Oregon to restore them to their original glory. In case you missed the premiere, it airs again tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8 and 10 p.m. EDT/7PM and 9PM PDT on Great American Country. Here’s a link to a You Tube sample of the show.

She may not be on television, but Miss Terry is a superstar in my world, and her new cookbook Miss Terry’s Kitchen is making a lot of RVers very happy as they try all of those recipes I’ve been telling you about for years for things like her fabulous pizza, cinnamon rolls, Mexican food and on and on. But don’t take my word for it, read what some other popular bloggers, Bobbie Chapman in Chappy Trails and Nancy Kissack in Kissack Adventures and David Violette have to say.

I want to take a moment to thank Phil May from TechnoRV for his great customer service. Back in December, 2012, I bought a Rand McNally RV GPS from Phil, and promptly stuck it in a corner and forgot all about it until we began our travels last summer. As it turned out, the GPS had a problem, and in my typical airhead way, I didn’t get back to Phil about it until just a couple of weeks ago. Part of that was because Phil’s wife Traci has been dealing with a serious illness and he had enough on his plate without me bothering him. But when I did finally contact him, he immediately took care of the problem. That’s the kind of customer service that makes a business succeed long term. If you need anything from a GPS to an Electrical Management System to a cell phone booster to a tire pressure monitoring system, and a hundred other goodies no RVer should be without, you can trust my friend Phil to take care of you and treat you right after the sale.

We spent most of yesterday with my cousin Beverly, who has been having some health issues lately, and today we say a reluctant goodbye to her and to Tucson and return to Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction. I want to get up there and settled in by mid-day, because my daughter Tiffany and her husband Scott are going to be in town for his job and are going to stop by for a visit. If Tiffany smiles real pretty and bats those big eyelashes of hers, I might even take them to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Thought For The Day – Arguing with a woman is like getting arrested. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

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  7 Responses to “New Resource For RVers”

  1. I bought a tire monitoring system from them in January and your are right Nick, outstanding customer service. That will be the fist place I look when I need another RV toy! I will check out the RV Village today.

  2. Have you or Miss Terry considered selling the recipes in her new cookbook in Paprika or Basil format so that they could be downloaded directly into those apps?

  3. Very windy in Phoenix area today so be careful.

  4. Brian, I’ve never heard of those apps. We’re just not that technologically advanced.

  5. Which Breville Oven does Miss Terry have? I’ve downloaded her recipes and now I need her oven 🙂

  6. Thank you for the TechnoRV recommendation. We try to patronize places that have excellent customer service and this is one place that sounds like we want to give them a try. Companies that don’t train, or just don’t care, about their customer service employees are a pet peeve of ours. And there are far too many out there nowadays. So we are always grateful to hear of companies that do a good job.

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