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Mar 032014

Congratulations to Russ and Debbie Davis, this week’s free drawing winners of two audiobooks, A Shot in the Bark and Drool Baby, by Carol Ann Newsome! We had 158 entries this week and if you haven’t won yet, stay tuned because another drawing starts soon.

The storm passed on through Arizona sometime early yesterday morning, leaving partly cloudy skies and much cooler temperatures in its wake. Yesterday’s temperatures were about 25 degrees lower than they were just a few days ago. But I shall not snivel. It just wouldn’t seem right when our friends back in Elkhart, Indiana had -2 degrees last night and are looking at a balmy 16 for today’s high.

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After the normal routine of checking and answering e-mail and reading my favorite blogs yesterday morning, we spent some time visiting our friend Shar Lewis at the physical rehab center where she’s been for the last few weeks. It’s hard to see somebody you love struggling so hard to do just the simplest tasks that we do without thinking about them. Her husband Jim is worn out from watching over her 24 hours a day, so Terry sat with Shar as she slept while Jim and I sat outside in a little meditation garden they have just to get him out in the fresh air. Sometimes I think it’s as hard on the caregiver as it is the sick person.

For quite a while now Jim and Shar have picked our brains about fulltime RVing every time we visited our old hometown, and before all this began with Shar, it was something they were very seriously considering. They are not the first couple we have known who waited too long to live their dream, and now it looks like they may never get the opportunity. If there is one regret that is common to fulltimers when I ask them what they would do differently if they had it all to do over, it is that they didn’t start sooner. A lot of our friends thought that Terry and I were crazy when we walked away from our old lives to start this adventure in our mid-40s, but now they all tell us how much they envy us.

On the way home we stopped at Terry’s parents for a quick visit, and then it was home to a delicious dinner of pork tenderloin sandwiches and homemade French fries. Speaking of Terry’s cooking abilities, yesterday evening her new cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen, reached its 100th sale! We appreciate everybody’s support in helping to make this project a success.

This is our last day in Apache Junction and tomorrow we’ll be going back to the Pima County Fairgrounds RV park in Tucson for more appointments at the VA hospital. We’ll probably be there a couple of weeks and hopefully that will take care of the medical side of things for this year.

We have some errands to run today and then we’ll probably stop and check on Shar again before we come back here to Santa Fe RV Park. I want to refill our fresh water tank, check the oil in the motorhome and a couple of other chores before we hit the road.

Thought For The Day – Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be. – Grandma Moses

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