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Yesterday was one of those hurry up and wait days. I had two appointments at the Tucson VA hospital, the first one at 12:30 and the second at 1:15. I was worried that there might not be time for both, but since they were right across the lobby from each other, the nice folks there assured me it would be no problem.

Since I also needed to get blood work done at least two or three days before my routine annual checkup next week, we arrived at the hospital at 11:30 and I popped into the lab. They already had my lab orders there and said it would be about 45 minutes. Close, but I should be able to make it. As it turns out, they called my name within fifteen minutes. The nice young lady who drew my blood was a real pro, I never felt the needle at all, and once she was done and I had done the pee in a cup thing, I was finished and in the elevator to the next floor just 30 minutes after I walked in. So far, so good.

I checked in at the optometry desk at noon for my 12:30 appointment and we ran into fulltimers Lynn and Mickey Waite, who we last saw at one of our Gypsy Journal rallies a couple of years ago. We chatted with them for about ten minutes and then they called my name for my appointment. Wow, things were moving right along.

Well, they were for a while. The doctor did the routine eye exam and told me I have 20/20 vision. After wearing Coke bottle lens glasses for most of my life, I sure am glad I had cataract surgery a few years ago. Then she dilated my eyes for another exam and sent me out to a waiting area for the eye drops to take effect. I sat there for a while, and then for a while longer, and after a tech took me to a different room and wasted a half hour or so of my time arguing with me that I needed a test that I knew had been postposed until next year, the doctor finally found me and took me back to her exam room to finish up.

In the meantime I could hear the folks out in the lobby calling my name for my dermatology appointment. Miss Terry told them that I was still hung up in optometry, but a while later they came out looking for me again and she told them I was still in optometry. I was afraid they would say I needed to reschedule but when I finally walked out of the eye clinic about 2 p.m., they were just calling my name for the third time and I went right in.

This was a follow-up to the skin cancer surgery I had back in January and everything looks good. It doesn’t look like my ear is going to fall off anytime soon. That’s good to know, because ears come in very handy for wearing sunglasses.

We left the VA hospital, stopped at the post office to mail out a bunch of stuff, and then went to my cousin Beverly’s apartment for a visit. Beverly is one of our favorite people in the world and whenever we’re in Tucson we spend as much time with her as we can. Eventually the busy day caught up with me and I started nodding off so Terry brought me home so I could write the blog and go to bed.

Today will be a catch up day. Anytime we’re away from the motorhome for a day we have a huge backlog of e-mails and messages to deal with, so that should keep me out of trouble for a while.

This week’s Free Drawing prize is an audiobook of Birdsongs, by my friend Jason Deas. It’s the first book in Jason’s excellent Benny James mystery series, a fast-paced tale centered on former FBI agent Benny James, who hoped to retire to a slower paced lifestyle on a houseboat but finds himself drawn into a murder investigation. All you have to do is click on the Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Birdsongsaudio copy

Miss Terry’s pizza recipe is a hit! Our friend Nancy Kissack bought her new book Miss Terry’s Kitchen and the first order of business was the pizza I brag about so much. Nancy pronounced it awesome, which I already knew. Check it out in her most recent Kissack Adventures blog post.


Thought For The Day – Dear life, when I said, “Can this day get any worse?” it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge!

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  1. Glad things went well! Start planning that next trip……..

  2. glad everything is great.

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