Mar 272014

A while back I wrote a couple of blog posts about people who lose animals to predators while camping in the Arizona desert every year, and about the dangers one has to be aware of when in the desert. But the desert is not the only place where you or your pet can get into trouble.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a reader whose dog had to be put down after it was bitten by a rattlesnake in the Texas Hill Country. She said they stopped at a roadside table to stretch their legs and let the dog run and get some exercise. They heard the dog barking at something and then yelp in pain and got to their pet just in time to see a large rattler slithering away through the grass.

And just like another reader who lost a pet to a hungry coyote in Arizona, these folks are upset because there were no signs warning them of the presence of snakes. “We are heartbroken because this could have been prevented,” they wrote. Yes, it could have been prevented, if they would have used common sense. You can’t blame the snake, it was only protecting itself from a dog that had invaded its space.

Predators and dangerous animals don’t only live in the desert. Snakes like pretty meadows filled with flowers too. If you are out in the countryside anywhere, be it the Southwest, Midwest, or wherever, you have to exercise a certain amount of caution and keep your animals under control for their own safety.

Terry and I have been spending our days at the bedside of our friend Shar Lewis at Hospice of the Valley, trying to comfort and support her husband Jim as she makes her transition to the other side. We come home at night physically and emotionally exhausted, grab something for dinner, answer important e-mails, write and post the blog, and go to bed so we can do it all again the next morning.

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Thought For The Day – It’s never too late to become what you want to be, unless what you want to be is younger. Then you’re screwed.

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  8 Responses to “Don’t Blame The Snake”

  1. Too many dog owners don’t think that leash laws apply to them. My dog needed exercise. Yada, yada, yada. But it would be alive had they used common sense.

  2. Our 3 Cats stay in the bus cozy and safe and they don’t BARK all the time. LOL
    They even have their own hanging cat bed!…
    Dave Walker

  3. some folks amaze me with their stupidity, if as mentioned above leash laws apply to everyone. We have a dog and we live in a park that have several, we have a strict leash policy and it is in-forced. We also live in the country where not only do we have snakes that roam, but also wild hogs, coyotes etc. We warn are visitors not to leave animals out at night because they could become food for predators.We have not lost a pet in the four years we have lived here. Rules are meant for everyone period. Letting a dog run loose while you stretch your legs is very dumb, stretch your legs by walking your dog on a leash. But then again as the saying goes you cannot fix stupid. .

  4. I know you are exhausted, but showing that you are a true friend is admirable, and I am sure your friend is thankful for your presence. . .

  5. Dorothy had the good sense not to let Toto run around as she and her travel mates canted and recanted ” Lions and Tigers and Bears,OH MY” They didn’t see any posted warning signs either as I recall,just a sense of where they were.

  6. Thanks for the update on your vigil. Your friends, Shar and Jim, are on my mind and I appreciate a mention every few days.

  7. Peace and Love to Jim, Terry and You as Shar makes her transition from this life to the next.

  8. Dogs and Children alike need to be protected from hurtful things…one sees a lot of negligence in that area.

    So good of you 2 to stay with your friends during this most difficult time. May GOD bless you extra for doing this!!

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