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Feb 032014

Congratulations to Gary Pearce, this weeks winner of our drawing for an audiobook of John Daulton’s Rift in the Races . Enjoy your book, Gary. Stay tuned, because another drawing starts soon.

I know I should have been working, but for some reason I just couldn’t get motivated, and I spent most of yesterday goofing off. That doesn’t happen often. Every day I try to spend at least three or four hours, usually more, doing something productive, whether it’s working on my current book, researching for a writing project, book promotion, or blogging.

We’re not into sports, so I can’t even blame the Stupid Bowl for my laziness. I cruised the internet for a while, chatted with the folks in my Facebook author’s group, read on my Kindle, and talked to my pal Greg White about his new floor installation in their motorhome.

We watched a couple of movies on TV, and a little after 4 p.m. we went to dinner at a place called Mr. Fish & Chips, which had been highly recommended and has some very good reviews on Yelp. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, but whatever the reason was, we were not at all impressed. The fish seemed like it was frozen, not fresh, and it was basically bland. Portions were good but there was nothing that made us want to come back. The All You Can Eat fish we had at Foothills Eatery right across the parking lot a while back with our friends John and Kathy Huggins was much better.

When we left the restaurant we stopped at Fry’s for a few things and as we were loading the groceries in the car, blog readers Mike and Paulette Sunday, who were parked next to us, said hello. It’s always nice to meet the folks who read my stuff and we had a nice little visit right there in the parking lot.

Back at home it was more of the same. We watched another old movie, I read some e-mail, and before I knew it the day was gone. Today’s a new day and it’s time to get back to work before Miss Terry decides I’ve become a complete couch potato and kicks my butt to the curb.

I did manage to accomplish one thing yesterday. Two actually, if you count writing this blog. I also posted a new Bad Nick blog titled We Should All Be Ashamed. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – The next time a stranger sits down beside you and strikes up a conversation, look at them in amazement and whisper quietly, “You can see me?”

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  1. you should try Parishes for the fish and chips, its down the road from Frys, just beyond the dollar stores.

  2. We have been to Fish & Chips several times and have not been impressed. Another interesting place is off Fortuna on the West side, just before Walgreens, (NW of Walgreens) sitting in the back is a small taco stand that does very good fish tacos, fresh.

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