Paying The Price

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Feb 222014

I wrote in yesterday’s blog that I needed a break and we took a day off to play. Actually it was more like half a day off, but whatever it was, I’m not going to do that again, because yesterday I was paying the price for it.

We were out dropping off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal at some of the local RV parks and about 3:30 p.m. I felt like I’d run into a brick wall. We had stopped at Fry’s so Terry could run inside and pick up some items she needed, and I waited outside in the Explorer. I had the windows open, but I guess I must have gotten overheated because by the time she came out I was feeling washed out and queasy. We went back to the motorhome and I laid down on the couch for a little nap and began to feel better. Maybe my body was punishing me for taking time off work?

Later on we went to dinner with Charles and Chris, meeting Daryl and Cheri Lawrence from Lawrence RV Accessories at Lin’s Grand Buffet. We’ve been there several times since we’ve been in Yuma and it has quickly become, without question, my favorite Chinese buffet in the entire country.

We had a nice time at dinner and Daryl always keeps everybody laughing. At one point a gentleman stopped by our table and chatted with Daryl for a while, and when he went on his way, somebody asked Daryl who it was and he didn’t know. That happens to us, and to Charles and Chris, too. After so many years of vending and teaching seminars at RV rallies coast to coast, we’ve all met so many people that we can’t keep track of them all. I really do think everybody should wear a nametag at all times. I still might not remember where I met you, but at least I could call you by name.

Back in the Foothills, Charles and Chris came into our motorhome to visit for a while and we had even more laughs. So many that when they said their goodbyes and got ready to go home, Chris said her cheeks were aching!

Today we’re in for a real treat. Terry is making her excellent from scratch pizza, and I know that Charles and Chris are looking forward to it as much as I am. Dominos will never be the same for them again!

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Thought For The Day – My luck is so bad that if I owned a cemetery, people would stop dying.

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  1. Wish we were in Yuma. The six of you are having way too much fun and great food!

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