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We have been parked on Charles and Christ Yust’s lot here in the Yuma Foothills for a couple of weeks now, and Miss Terry decided that it was time she showed our appreciation. So yesterday, while I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, she made a wonderful Mexican dinner of shredded beef tacos with home fried shells and chips, refried beans made from scratch, Spanish rice, and fresh homemade pico de gallo and guacamole.

And as always, it was beyond delicious and amazed our guests once again. We all ate way too much, but that didn’t stop anybody from saying no when she took freshly baked chocolate chip cookies out of her Breville Toaster Oven!

We sat around visiting for a couple of hours and once we were finally able to move, we waddled next door to their rig and helped Charles slip the dishwasher he had been installing into place beneath their motorhome’s counter.

I had a lot of interruptions the last few days and am working hard to make up for lost time and get the new issue of the paper ready to send to the printer. If I keep at it, hopefully I can catch up by the time we leave to go to Lake Havasu City for the Winter Blast pyrotechnic show the end of the week.

For RVers who love to read, especially fulltimers and snowbirds, e-book readers are the perfect solution to being able to have a library of your favorite reading material without taking up a lot of space or adding a lot weight to your rig. In our motorhome we have two Kindle keyboard models, a Kindle Fire, and I have Kindle apps on my Droid and iPad. Yesterday I played with Chris Yust’s new Kindle Paperwhite and while I don’t have a need for yet another e-book reader and I don’t read in bed, if my keyboard model were to die I’d replace it with a Paperwhite.

I don’t really care for my Kindle Fire all that much. It’s heavier and since all I do is read on it, I don’t really care about the color screen and all of its other capabilities. I only bought it because sometimes when I’m formatting a new book it comes out differently on the Fire than it does the other models. What, if any, e-book readers do you have?

The news yesterday that Barnes & Noble has laid off all of the personnel in their Nook division was not totally unexpected in the publishing community. As an author whose books are available on both online booksellers, I sell literally hundreds of Kindle books on Amazon for every Nook sale. At this time it looks like even though they are getting out of the hardware end of things, Barnes & Noble will continue to sell e-books and it makes sense to continue to do so, since the online mechanism is already in place and doesn’t take a lot of manpower to maintain.

Speaking of books, my author friend Scott Stoffregen has a new technothriller called Deadly H2O that is currently free on Amazon. Check it out, it’s currently rated #2 in it’s category on Amazon.

Thought For The Day – Comparisons are as bad as clichés.

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  10 Responses to “Miss Terry Did It Again”

  1. John and I both have Sony eBooks and we sure do like them. John has an iPad also and it has the Kindle App and we download your books here. I find the iPad heavy also and only read what you have written on it.

  2. My wife has a Kindle HD and I have a Nexus 7 (2013) and a Nook HD that is now out of service. We also have Kindle readers on our phones and I have the Nook reader also on my Nexus.

  3. Paperwhite and an earlier Kindle. But when I read a traditional ink on paper book I always enjoy the familiar experience. Much easier with paper to go back and review something.

    I am really enjoying Dog’s Run on my paperwhite. Great character development, Nick. You are an excellent writer.

  4. Larry and I started off with keyboard Kindles. I then got a Paperwhite as soon as they came out and love it, although I use the other Kindle occasionally. We also have the Kindle apps on our iPads and he prefers reading his books on that whereas I find it too heavy and prefer the Paperwhite. But as mentioned above, I read all “Nick” stuff on the iPad. Very handy when we are traveling and I want to look up fairgrounds, casinos, etc….from your publications.

  5. Patty uses original Kindle; I use Paperwhite. I can’t get her a Paperwhite as she uses her finger to read and any Kindle other that KINDLE the pages will turn because she touches the screen. We also have Kindle aps on phone, Samsung Tab and computers, but read almost exclusively on the Kindles.

  6. Currently I have the Kindle Fire HD and I like it Mike also has a Kindle Fire HD also he has a Ipad and his phone can read books but he also only uses his Kindle to read books on. We both have had the original Kindle and I had the Kindle HD they were both re-gifted to kids. I am happy with what I have and do not plan to up grade any time soon. Both of our computers have the app so we can read books on them to.

  7. Nick. We both read on our Nexus 7’s

  8. I have a Paperwhite, a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ and a kindle keyboard with kid’s books for the grandkids. Hubby has a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″. We have passed down to the grandkids, two Kindle Fires and a Kindle Fire HD, and to our son, a Kindle Fire HD.

    Amazon loves me! I prefer to read on the Paperwhite. I use the HDX for e-mail, Words With Friends, reading the newspaper and magazines, and, most importantly, reading this and other blogs. I love my Kindles!

  9. I love my Kindle Fire; I was feeling so/so about my regular Kindle. I like the color because the book covers are in color just like a paper book and I also like to play games on it. I too love to bake and people often are incredulous that the things I bring to potlucks, etc are homemade in my Rv. I also know how to make TexMex from scratch. Thanks for all you do.

  10. We each have a Kindle.

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