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Congratulations Carol Zack, winner of this week’s drawing for an audiobook of Big Lake, the first book in my Big Lake mystery series. We had 180 entries in this week’s contest. Stay tuned, because a new contest starts soon.

As I wrote in the blog a few days ago, somebody had started a rumor that my buddy RV fire safety expert Mac McCoy had died. I said then that I called Mac and he assured me that he was alive, but he tells more tall tales than I do, so I decided that I’d better check for myself. Especially because I figured I could get Mac to buy me dinner in the process.

Yesterday we met Mac and his wife Annie at Lin’s Grand Buffet about 4:30 p.m. and proceeded to graze our way through everything on their menu. I think this is the fourth time we’ve eaten there and we’ve only been in town a couple of weeks. Yes, it’s that good! Years ago we were at an Escapees RV rally in Van Wert, Ohio and a brand new Chinese buffet had just opened. The selection was huge and we ate there several nights in a row. Somebody at the rally asked, “Who eats Chinese food every night of the week?” and another friend replied, “Chinese people?”

At any rate, Mac really is alive. I even took a picture of him and Annie to prove it. And I’m glad, because he’s a really good guy, and like I said, he bought dinner. It’s been my experience that very few of the dead people I know ever pick up the check.

Mac Annie

If you have never been to one of Mac’s fire safety classes, you really need to make it a priority.

mac mccoy class

RV fires are horrific things and they can burn to the ground in mere minutes. We have had two minor RV fires, and both times Terry reacted quickly and put them out before they could do much damage, using the skills she had learned in Mac’s classes.

mac fire

trailer fire

trailer fire 2

We keep fire extinguishers we got from Mac in our bedroom, kitchen, by the front door and in the front bay of the motorhome next to the door, as well as in our Ford explorer. You can never be too careful!

I am thrilled at the response my readers always give when I announce a new book or project. In yesterday’s blog I reported that the audiobook of Dog’s Run is now available on Audible.com, Amazon, and iTunes. And by noon I had sold eleven copies of the audiobook! I thank you all for your support.


If you enjoy a good story, check out Hexes and X’s which is the third book in the Z&C Mystery series by Zoey Kane. It’s a story with elements that include a pirate’s 200 year old mansion, complete with secret passages and hidden treasure. But watch out for the witches and booby traps! It’s currently free on Amazon.

Thought For The Day – True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country – Kurt Vonnegut

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  9 Responses to “I Checked And He’s Alive”

  1. Jim and Sandie Dixon came up with a good idea for a place for the fire extinguisher. They mounted one in the LP compartment of their fifth wheel. You don’t have to unlock it to get to it. Easier to get to than in a locked bay.

  2. I would eat Chinese food even for breakfast, every single day!

  3. Sure happy that you confirmed that Mac is still above ground and from the picture he is in good health. Every RV owner and especially wives need to take a fire safety class who knows when you may need to know how to use one to help prevent a small fire from become a big one. Mac’s classes taught me a lot each time I attended them.

  4. Nick…I recently read a book on RVing by Ardun Ward called “Boon Dockers”. I just reviewed it on Amazon and I think you would love it. Funny and insightful experiences by this Aussie Couple using Walmarts across America. As budding authors, they are worth supporting!

  5. I was one of the ones who quickly bought the audiobook yesterday Nick and I have listed to about half of it so far. The story is fascinating and you and Eric Dove make an excellent team as author and narrator. I hope the two of you have more coming down the road.

  6. As soon as you announced the audiobook of Dog’s Run was available we ordered it. And just in time as we are on the road today headed for San Antonio. We are LOViNG it!!!!

  7. I’ve read all of your books via my Kindle and am waiting (patiently, tapping foot) for the next one to be available. OK, I’ll be patient!!

    Does Mac have a website to show where his seminars are being held? I’d like to take one of his seminars, plus buy a few of the fire extinguishers for our motorhome that he recommends. We have one, but I’d like a few more, especially in the bedroom where there is no door to get out. We have an exit window in the bedroom, but it’s small.

    Thanks Nick!!

  8. Susan, he should have something on his website at http://macthefireguy.com

  9. I’m sorry, Nick. I couldn’t wait for Dog’s Run to come out in an audio book so I downloaded it on my Kindle.

    I have to say I loved it, it is your best book yet, and I’ve also read all your Big Lake series.

    Looking forward to see what is the next great story from that fertile mind of yours. Hurry up! :c)

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