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Feb 162014

We used to do a lot of dry camping but it’s just not our thing anymore and our Winnebago motorhome isn’t set up for extended boondocking. This was reaffirmed for us on our trip to Lake Havasu City. Our house batteries, which we bought two or three years ago, have not held up well at all and would not hold a charge unless we ran our generator for two or three hours morning and night. This upsets the folks dry camping nearby who prefer solar and peace and quiet, and with the batteries so far down I couldn’t use my computer to get any work done. And with temperatures climbing in the desert we really missed our air conditioning. So we decided it was time to get back to civilization.

Our friends Tom and Barbara Westerfield really wanted us to stay for the Saturday night pyrotechnic show, which was going to be even bigger and better than Friday’s, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe another time. The good news is that while we were talking to their daughter Jennie, who was one of the pyros putting on the fireworks display, I came up with a plot for a new Big Lake book, and Jennie said I could pick her brain when the time comes.

A couple of people commented that we should just tough it out for an extra day or two and that I could stay away from the computer that long. I spent enough time “toughing it out” when I was young and had no choice, I prefer my creature comforts now and make no apologies for that. And while we are fulltime RVers, we are working fulltime RVers. If I don’t write a blog people don’t click those Google ads and I don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that. If I owned a retail store I couldn’t just close the doors when I felt like it.

After saying goodbye to everybody we could catch up with, we fired up the rig and pulled out, headed south on State Route 95, a windy two lane road that parallels the Colorado River through some dramatic mountain scenery.

Arizona 95

Bare mountain

Rough mountain

This is rough country, where the temperatures can climb over 120 degrees in the summertime, but it is popular with boaters, water skiers, fishermen, and snowbirds.

Rough lake terrain

There are several state parks and private campgrounds, a couple of RV resorts, and mobile home communities.

RV resort 2

RV resort 3

RV resort

River resort 2

We got back to Charles and Chris Yust’s lot in the Yuma Foothills about 4:15 and backed in and hooked up. It sure felt good to have our basement air conditioner going! We’ll be here a week or so, and then probably head over to Apache Junction for a few days before we go back to Tucson for more medical appointments at the VA hospital.

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  1. Sorry you missed the real show but we understand. We used to have problems with the battery in our old rig and it just isn’t fun, if it isn’t working right. I’m sure if you tried to get into a RV park here, they’d all be full. BUT…pictures and words could never describe it! You didn’t see anything…..

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