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Feb 212014

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been hitting it pretty hard the last few days and was starting to feel a bit burned out. So I decided to play hooky from my desk and go play yesterday.

The four of us left Charles and Chris’ lot in the Yuma Foothills, and after a stop at Five Guys for lunch we drove to Adair Shooting Range, located about 15 miles north of town off U.S. Highway 95. This place was fantastic and had separate ranges for archery, pistol, big bore rifle, small bore rifle, trap and skeet, silhouette, and a designated police combat range. There is even a camping area and there was no range fee required.

Each range had separate shooting lanes and covered ramadas with concrete tables and benches. The high berms on each side are for safety when people are shooting on the lane next to you.

Gun range

I guess all those tens of thousands of rounds I’ve put down range over the years were worth it. It’s been almost two years since we’ve been shooting, but when I unlimbered my Colt AR-15 with open sights I discovered I’ve still got it.

Nick AR15

Target 3

I asked Chris if she wanted to try the AR-15 and she was all over that. I gave her some quick instructions and had her sit down at one of the tables and try it out. And she nailed it the first time! If she had been on my old rifle range back at West Point, I’d have passed her as a qualified Marksman.


Chris AR15

Chris target

Then I told Chris it was time for her to have some real fun and gave her a fresh 20 round magazine and told her to forget the target and just squeeze the trigger as fast as she could until the thing was empty.

How fast was she shooting? If you look carefully there is one ejected brass cartridge case just over the top of the rifle and another just over Chris’ right shoulder. Two in the air at once! That was good photography by Miss Terry, too!

Chris shooting

After we were done with the rifles I popped a few rounds through my two Kimber .45s and then Terry hauled out her little snub-nosed S&W .38 and reminded m of why I say “Yes dear” a lot!

It was a fun day, but we weren’t done yet. On the way home we stopped at a produce stand so Terry could pick up some goodies, and then back at home she made a pitcher of delicious fresh squeezed lemonade. Charles and Chris grilled some delicious country style pork ribs for dinner. We ate and talked and ate some more and had a wonderful time doing both. Thanks guys, I really needed a day like that.

Today I’ll be back at the grind. We want to drop off some more bundles of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal at the local RV parks we have not hit before and by then we’ll have the final okay back from the printer on the new issue and I can start sending out the link to all of our digital subscribers.

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Big Lake Lyinching Audio cover

Thought For The Day – You can make a wish or you can make it happen.

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  12 Responses to “A Play Day”

  1. I hate guns! Who in the world needs not 1 machinegun but 2? And then you have 3 handguns too? What are you afraid of? An attack by rogue Girl Scouts selling cookies? No civilian in the history of the world has ever had a problem that wasn’t made worse by having a gun.

  2. Wish we were there, I didn’t know they had a free range. Bill could stay all day at the range, but I find after a couple of hours it exhausts me. Concentrating on hitting the target makes you forget anything else going on in your head.

  3. Three things, Wayne:

    1. They are not machine guns, they are legal semi-automatic rifles.
    2. I think the millions of civilians who have defended their lives and homes with a gun would disagree with you.
    3. With that kind of firepower and that kind of grouping I’d say Nick isn’t afraid of a damned thing!

  4. I bet too many cookies kills more people than guns every year.

  5. If Chris shoots that good as a beginner I think we have another Annie Oakley on our hands. Tell her to hang that target in her booth at the next RV rally with a note that asks “Any other stupid questions?”

  6. I am with Wayne. Range shooting, to me, is nothing more than practicing to kill someone. This is frightening, not thrilling!

  7. So what you’re saying, Jim, is that people should not take the time to be properly trained and practice so they are safe, competent gun owners?

  8. It doesn’t take “training” to point a barrel and pull a trigger. This is not training that is going on. It is getting that adrenalin thrill you get from shooting off a lot of ammunition pretending you are killing someone. Training is for law enforcement and military. Civilians are in it for the feeling of power.

  9. Well, obviously you have your opinion and I have mine. Let’s leave it at that because neither you or me are going to change the other’s mind.

  10. Jim obviously has a very biased approach to life. Anybody who doesn’t believe in civilians being trained to properly handle their guns scares me lot more than the gun owners who won’t bother to invest the time and money to get trained. And for the record, Jim, yes I DO practice to kill an attacker! My daughter was raped and beaten almost to death by a man who broke into her apartment when she was in college. If she had a gun she might have been able to defend herself. She managed to dial 911 but the dispatcher couldn’t understand her screaming and did not send a cop. I WILL kill anybody who tries to hurt me or my loved ones.

  11. Patricia,

    I will also kill anyone who threatens me or my family in my home. I have a 12 gauge shotgun for just that purpose. I don’t need a range for “training”. Your daughter would not have resisted her attacker with an AK or AR or any other high powered semi-automatic rifle. By the way, statistically, there is a high probability that your daughters attacker would have taken away the gun and used it to kill her. I am sorry there are criminal predators in the world. Burning through high powered, military grade ammunition at a shooting range is not going to be a deterrent. A revolver or a shotgun in your home is adequate for home defense.

  12. Well that was fun !…
    It also keeps the mind active and your eyes in good shape as wells as the Arms, Shoulders, wrists etc. so I look at it as good clean exercise program for us Senior guys and Gals !…LOL

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