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Jan 072014

That’s pretty much what we did all day yesterday. We made a quick run over to Cousin Beverly’s apartment to pick up our mail, but except for that, we never poked our heads outside all day long.

I wrote most of the day, Miss Terry logged in the orders that came in the mail and then worked on one of her projects, and I popped into Facebook a few times to chat with some of the authors in my online group.

I also put an ad on the local Craig’s List for Terry’s Rigid heddle loom. Now that she’s got her Baby Wolf floor loom, we need to make some room. If you know anybody in the market for a like new loom with lots of accessories at a great price, please tell them about it.

Terry loom 2

Some days are like that. Not every day in the life of a fulltime RVer is about traveling or touring the local attractions.

Of course, no matter what we are doing or where we’re doing it, it has to be a lot better than our friends back in the Midwest. Listening to the news, with all the stories of people being stranded in airports or snowed in behind deep drifts, I just want to go outside and kiss the front end of my Winnebago! This is what the folks in Elkhart, Indiana had to deal with at noon yesterday.

Elkhart weather

Both Terry and I missed visiting Elkhart Campground last summer, but you couldn’t pay me enough money to be there right now!

At least one couple we know has found that even if you are not able to be out RVing, having a motorhome in their pole barn comes in handy. Grady and Jill Conner are weekend campers who live an hour away from Chicago, and e-mailed to say that the electric power was out in their area and temperatures were down in the subzero numbers. With no heat inside their house, they fled to their motorhome, fired up the generator for a while, and then used their catalytic heater to stay comfortable. Grady said they had 120 gallons of diesel and a full propane tank, were using their cell phone as a WiFi hotspot, and he thinks they’ll be able to hold on until power is restored. We have also known people who have found refuge in their RVs in the wake of other natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes that brought the power grid down.

Before I close for today, I have a couple of suggestions if you’re looking for something to read. My friend Alison Blake’s romantic thriller ANNIKA is on sale this week on Amazon for just 99¢. And probably the best deal on Amazon is the 9 Killer Thrillers anthology I am participating in, at just 99¢. That’s right, 9 full length mystery and thriller novels by 9 bestselling authors for less than a buck. How can you go wrong?

Thought For The Day – An optimist stays up to see the New Year in. A pessimist waits to make sure the old one leaves.

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  6 Responses to “Not A Darned Thing”

  1. Called my brother up in Syracuse yesterday to tell him that I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt here on Marathon Key yesterday and he called me a dirty name and hung up on me!

  2. Nick, Hopefully your friends with the RV in a pole barn, as well as all of your readers, know not to invite carbon monoxide poisoning by firing up their RV engines or generators in an enclosed space like a garage.

    And hopefully they all have carbon monoxide detectors/alarms, as well as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

  3. We spent a few days in our “rv” back in 89 during the infamous San Francisco earthquake.

    I quote the ‘rv’ because it was just an 18′ travel trailer, but it did the job.

    — jc

  4. jc, a travel trailer no mater what size is an RV, please don’t insult trailerites by belittleing their RV which are more prevalent than monster bus motor homes. On the other subject I have used my coach as a substitute residence after a large wind storm knocked a tree across the power lines in my neighborhood taking 3 days to restore.

  5. I can testify that the 9 Killer Thrillers is worth a lot more than 99 cents. Great reads!

    We’ve also used our RV to deal with local utility outages. Ours was a broken water main last summer. Nice to have a toilet that flushes!

  6. Nick, I want to thank you for suggesting e-books for us to read, I have found a lot of great reads thru you and really appreciate it!

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