Jan 192014

There always seems to be something going on here at the Pima County Fairgrounds, and staying here in their RV park we get a front row seat for much of the activity. Or inactivity, occasionally.

This weekend alone there are three events going on – a horse show, a Spa and Patio show, and an RV show. When we were in town at my cousin Beverly’s apartment, the local TV was running ads for both the Spa and Patio show and the RV show, and to hear the announcers talking about “blowout prices” and urging viewers to “hurry and get the deals while you can” one would think the place is a whirlwind of shoppers and salesmen wheeling and dealing.

One would be wrong. We’ve seen a scant handful of people checking out the RVs, and so far not one person going into or out of the huge hall reserved for the Spa and Patio show. Methinks there was a lot of money wasted shipping inventory and display units here and bringing in salespeople, and little or no profit to be made.

If you’ve been around a while and know much about their various systems, RV shows can be fun just to listen to the BS the salesmen sling. A blog reader e-mailed me after spending a long day at the Tampa Supershow and said it was amazing that some of the sales reps were either that dumb or else thought he was that dumb. He said he and his wife looked at a 36 foot gas powered Class A motorhome and he asked the salesman what kind of mileage it got. The guy replied “about 17-18 miles per gallon.” Really? I prefer a diesel pusher, but if I could find a Class A that size that gets that kind of mileage, I’d buy it.

I heard from another reader recently who was looking at an RV with a 35 gallon black tank, 40 gallon gray tank, and a 60 gallon fresh water tank, and the salesman told him it would be good for a minimum of at least two weeks of dry camping. These clowns must all be smoking wacky tobaccy if they believe any of their own crap. If you’re headed for an RV show, do yourself a favor and spend 99¢ for John and Kathy Huggins’  How to Survive an RV Show…and Make it a Great Experience. It will make the experience a lot better.

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Thought For The Day – What I know about me is more important that what you think about me.

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  3 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. We were at an RV show in Michigan last summer and were looking at 5th wheel toy haulers. The salesman assured us that we could pull a 42 foot KZ with a 19000 pound GVWR with our 2010 Toyota Tundra. When my husband told him the Toyota’s towing capacity is 10000 pounds he poo pooed that and said that was just what Toyota’s lawyers made them say in the brochures but in reality it could easily tow twice that weight. If he would have been honest we’d have bought the trailer because we know we will have to upgrade to a bigger truck and plan to do so anyway. But we refuse to do business with liars and told him so. Then he backed up and swore he never told us that! So he basically called US liars!

  2. I’m learning Nick … I’m learning!!! LOL

  3. The sale of new and used RVs seems to attack the bottom rung of sales people and in turn they apply a bad image to the very few honest ones.

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