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Jan 032014

When I posted yesterday’s blog about adult children putting their RVing parents on guilt trips I assumed I’d get a couple of e-mails and a few comments on the blog page, but I was surprised by how many e-mails I received. Apparently this kind of selfishness happens more than you or I think.

One blog commenter, whom I advised a while back to stop playing babysitter for the grandkids every summer while their parents were off playing, said that they took that advice, and one of their daughters has now disowned them. Another regular reader e-mailed me to say that her son, who is a mechanic, became so upset when they became fulltime RVers that he refused to help his dad wire the tow car before they left.

Another couple said that after spending the last four summers parked in their daughter’s backyard helping remodel their house, they announced that this is their summer to finally go to Alaska. The daughter and son-in-law told them that they were selfish and that if they went, to never return again. And then there is the son and daughter-in-law who refused to let the grandchildren talk to them when they called Christmas Day because they chose to stay in Florida and not drive back to New Jersey for the holidays.

Just as bad are some of the parents who use guilt to control their RVing offspring. I heard about mothers who faked illness to get them to change their travel pans and return to their old hometowns, and a father who harangued his son for breaking the family tradition by not coming home to Wisconsin for Christmas dinner with the rest of the family.

Perhaps the saddest were two different couples who actually gave up the RV lifestyle to placate family members. Both said they were heartbroken to get off the road, but they just got tired of the constant badgering and arguing. I guess that’s what they felt they had to do, but there is no way we would do that. Anybody who would try to force me to give up my dreams for their convenience is no one I would want to spend much time around, family or not. Who knew there were so many selfish people in the world?

I got an interesting towing fuel economy infographic from an outfit called the other day. If you’re in the market for a new tow vehicle, you might find it useful, although I can’t guarantee the accuracy of their report.

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I have a couple more free books to tell you about before I wrap this up for today. First up is my buddy Dale Roberts’ Irrefutable. If you like James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels, you’ll like this thriller. And then there is Corrie Fisher’s REM, the story of three young women forced to confront their inner horrors in an unimaginable way that will leave you breathless is free on Smashwords.

Thought For The Day – The problem with political jokes is that so many of them get elected.

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  9 Responses to “More Than You Think”

  1. oh Nick==I just had to respnd on your comments about the parents!! I wonder if these kids ever stopped to think what they would do when the parents are gone and there was no INHERITANCE listed for them because their parents disobeyed them!!! Just food for thought to all the parents.

  2. Wow Nick — I just sent a great big thank you and a copy of your blog to my kids. They have always been supportive of our lifestyle. No guilt — they know it doesn’t work! Of course they know we are always there for them – by plane or RV!

    We are returning to NJ for March 1 for our son’s wedding but that’s our choice.

    Love my kids

  3. Even though we are only part timers our daughter was at first skeptical of our travels but now it’s our daughter-in-law that’s become the pain.
    As for not being able to see or speak to the grandchildren because of the children’s stupidity there is the Grandparents law that prevents that from happening and is considered Illegal.

  4. We must have exceptional children Nick. Both of our girls and families have encouraged us to get out on the road and live it up. Our one daughter made a sign for the inside of the rv when we get it. The other is finding ways for us to save space and weight. When we first announced that we were going to do this both of the girls looked at us with strange looks on their faces and then big grins appeard and said it was a wonderful idea and go for it. Now the hard work begins of getting rid of all our stuff. Wish us luck! Happy New Year to you and Miss Terry.

  5. How about other family members? I have a sister that worries that we didn’t do life the safe way like she did and she tells me things like if you guys still end up doing this don’t expect me to feel sorry for you.?????????? We just laugh and say OK then we gotta go.

  6. We are blessed! When we told our children of our plans to get rid of most of our “treasures” and live the full-time RV lifestyle, they said “thank goodness you’re going through all of your “stuff” so we won’t have to when you pass on”! They keep us informed of family gatherings, and seem genuinely excited when we can come, and are understanding when our plans don’t mesh with theirs. We have a sign in our RV window that says “SORRY KIDS WE SPENT IT!”. We hope to have many years to enjoy this lifestyle and live our dream.
    We’ve met many others who want to constantly be with their families, and that’s fine for them, but after raising 5 children, we’ve earned our independence and are enjoying it!

  7. We too feel very lucky in our children accepting and embracing our full-time lifestyle. We choose to make it back for high school and college graduations and it looks like it will be a wedding in the future. There is one family member that puts us on guilt trips and now we refuse to go on one. Let them spout their stuff and just smile, agree, and do what we wanted to in the first place.

  8. Boy, it sounds like our generation has raised lots of spoiled and self centered kids! I bet those kids will come around to our way of thinking if they realize their inheritance goes somewhere other than them. I wonder how our grandkids will control our kids in several years?

  9. Wow…I can’t believe it….I can’t imagine kids feeling that way…So selfish of them….Our kids were surprised but yet they are so supportive of our decision to go full timers….They have been excited to know just what we needed for Christmas this year…We got a Grill, and a smoker and some other things we will need….They are also so excited cause now we have to liquidate the house instead of them….hahah….35 years of stuff…They thought they were going to have a big hay rack sale…They weren’t looking forward to it….Can’t imagine kids feeling so possessive of their parents….So selfish and unfair….

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