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The Foothills area is located on the east side of Yuma and is a huge area divided up into private lots, most of which have at least two RV hookups. Thousands of RVers winter here, either on their own lots or on lots they rent by the week, month or season. Lots rent anywhere from $250 a month up, depending on how long you are staying and if utilities are included.

It’s a nice area, not nearly as busy as closer in to town, with lots of restaurants, laundromats, all kinds of nice little shops, and a great Fry’s grocery store. You have to get to most businesses here early, because by 4 p.m. many of the smaller businesses, including the laundromat, are closing so the old farts can have Happy Hour and then go out to dinner and get back home in time to get ready for bed by 9.

If you go to any store here during the winter, bring along an extra load of patience because it can be frustrating dealing with the famous Q-tip Crab Crawl. If you’re not familiar with that term, in this area Q-tips are not those cotton swabs you clean your ears with. No, they are the snowbirds with white hair and white shoes who scowl at the world as they move at a snail’s pace down store aisles pushing their walkers ahead of them and stopping in the very center to talk, try to remember where they are and why, or just to take a short nap.

Of course, not everybody here hit puberty during the Bronze Age. There are also a lot of very active Boomers who are always busy doing something. This year ATVs of every description seem to be as popular as golf carts and you’ll see them running all over the place. There are also quite a few classic cars running around, and somebody across from the lot we’re staying on has a gorgeous old late 1930s coupe that I’ve caught a glimpse of several times. Life is good in the Foothills and we’re enjoying our stay. Yesterday our hosts, Charles and Chris Yust, treated us to a delicious dinner of thick New York strip steaks grilled to perfection, sautéed mushrooms for the steaks, and baked potatoes. Today Miss Terry is going to cook up a bunch of baby back ribs in her Orion Smoker, and I’m drooling already. I may need to join a gym or take up jogging if we stay here too long.

All of the RVers who come here every winter are a huge boom to the local economy and there is a lot of competition for snowbird dollars, which means you can get some great deals. Yesterday a couple of guys from Benjamin’s RV Wash came over and washed and hand dried both of our motorhomes and SUVs. They charged $1 a foot for the RVs and $10 for the SUVs. So for $50 we got both the Winnebago and the Explorer washed. The water here in Yuma is notoriously hard, and the mobile wash units use spot free washing solutions and carry their own water.

RV washing Yuma

Washing roof

Mirror polishing

Washing Yust car

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RitR Audio Cover - small

My friend Sherrie Giddens’ newest recipe book, Sherrie’s Favorite Pantry Mixes 1: Breads and Desserts, is now on Amazon and she’s got some yummy things in it. My stomach growled just looking at some of them!

Thought For The Day – How to start an argument online – 1.) Express an opinion. 2.) Wait

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  7 Responses to “Life In The Foothills”

  1. For the full Q-Tip experience go to Fry’s on the first Wednesday of the month when they have the senior citizen 10% off sale. Have accidentally done that 3-4 times over the years…….

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion you guys are parked VERY close to where we spent the week after Indio. Very nice area … even Dan mentioned he’d never seen so many “old” old folks in Walmart!!! I’m thankful I’m not “there” yet and can still navigate the aisles!!!

  3. Nick jogging? Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee

  4. We need to get Benjamin’s over here to our rig.

  5. The Fry’s grocery store is huge!!! There are so many ‘International’ stations you can go every day to Fry’s and visit a different nation and their foods.

  6. Nick, if you’re still there in March this is fun: http://www.midnightattheoasis.net/

  7. Hi Nick,

    This has nothing to do with today’s post but I know you have a Mac that you are not happy with. My husband has had his Mac for over four years and whenever I have a problem with my PC, he says “dial 1-800-buy a mac”. Well yesterday I did just that and today went to a training class and learned there is dictation already installed on the Mac and it works great! I know you tried Dragon and didn’t like it either. My husband came home and discovered he also has the dictation on his four year old Mac so you must have it on your also. I believe it is associated with Maverick which is free from Apple and then you have to download the enhanced dictation. Once it is on your computer double click the fn key and the word ‘dictation’ come up, just talk and it types what you say. Really neat! To get out of the program just hit the fn key again. This works in any program that uses typing. I hope you will find this useful.

    I just tried it to see if it would work. It works like a champ! It shows a microphone when it’s working. Have a great day.

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