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Dec 032013

In our fifteen years on the road we have met thousands of working RVers, and I think the numbers are growing, based upon the e-mails I get from people who want to earn money as they travel.

Many newbies to the mobile lifestyle immediately think of working in an RV park, commonly called workamping, when it comes to making money on the road. But as I always say in my seminars on working on the road, if your main goal is to earn money, working in a campground may not be your best option. Usually you can get a part time or seasonal job locally, rent an RV site by the month, and come out with more money than you can earn mowing grass or doing any of the many chores workampers do at RV parks.

But workamping actually includes many kinds of jobs for RVers, ranging from working in retail stores to selling Christmas trees, and I covered just a few of them in a blog a while back titled Working Without Workamping.

An excellent resource for finding workamping opportunities is Workamper News, which publishes a bimonthly magazine of job listings, has an excellent website with all kinds of resources for job seekers, and even holds special workamper events around the country.

For nearly twenty years Coleen Sykora has been helping RVers find jobs that fit their mobile lifestyle with her Workers on Wheels website, which lists openings in campgrounds, agricultural jobs, theme parks and all kinds of other job opportunities you probably never even dreamed were possible.

If you want to learn more about workamping, my friends John and Kathy Huggins, who produce the popular Living The RV Dream podcast, have a brand new e-book out titled So, You Want to be a Workamper that describes all kinds of workamping jobs, what’s involved in applying, and what an employer may expect of you. I looked over a pre-publication copy of the new book and it’s very good. Get yourself a copy today.

Workamper book

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  3 Responses to “Working RVers”

  1. Thanks Nick, you’re a mensch. Old Yiddish word.

  2. This is our first year on the road. We are in our mid forties, so we have to work. Our first job is in Elgin, AZ. We started here in October and will stay through April. We feed the animals at the sanctuary and then take care of guests at the B& B, as well as clean the B &B. It has been perfect for us.

  3. Yep worked at a campground in the Delta and after being there for awhile, Mowing lawns, trimming trees, cleaning both bathrooms, also cleaning little trailer houses, Hosting some, fixed a lot of problem areas such as water heaters that others piped wrong, (I am a retired contractor) found out that the other couples were not paying for their lots or gas or electric and hiding in the shadows. when we asked about it we were gone the next week. We worked an average of 30 hours a week.

    I fixed some of the equipment and the 2 people that were there all the different season told us not to do that because the management would buy new stuff if they thought we could not.

    Our eye’s were really opened up on that first gig and a little gun shy to do it again. As we say loved the work and the customers but not so much with the help and some of the management.

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