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Dec 012013

Our routine has been pretty much the same the last few days; get up, check and answer e-mail, fill any new orders that came in overnight, drive about 35 miles across town to Barrows Neurological Institute and spend time with Jim and Sharleen, grab a bite to eat, come home, answer the e-mails that came in during the day, write a blog, take a shower, go to bed and get ready to do it all over again the next day. Thank you for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for our friend, and please keep them coming.

I owe an apology to my author friend Brandon Hale, a very nice young man who writes the popular Day Soldiers books, which are populated by vampires and werewolves and such. I’m not a big fan of horror and science fiction and all of that, so I never really got into Brandon’s work all that much. But maybe the kid’s onto something. On our way home yesterday we stopped at Bass Pro Shop, and look what I found! Brandon’s been right all along, they’re real! You can bet my .45 is loaded with the proper ammo now!

Zombie ammo 2

When we pulled into Santa Fe RV Park a few days ago, neighbor Al Bush noticed that we were leaking diesel fuel. That’s not a good thing. Once I had the rig parked and shut off, Al crawled under it, and though the leak had stopped, the starter was wet with diesel. Since it wasn’t leaking at the moment and Sharleen was just going into surgery, we cleaned up and left for the hospital, planning to deal with the leak once things settled down.

I suspected the problem was the fuel filter, which is located right above the starter, and was just replaced a few weeks ago while we were in Camp Verde. I told Greg White about the leak, and he said he had the same problem once on his 350 Cummins, and the problem was the water drain valve on the bottom of the fuel filter. When the filter was being tightened, the knurled plastic drain knob was hitting the cables on the starter and loosening. Greg said he tightened it up and it stopped the leak. Hopefully ours will be the same simple fix.

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And finally, in this season of celebration, we have another reason to be grateful. Thirteen years ago this month Miss Terry finished 60 days of brutal radiation and chemotherapy for treatment of stage 4 cervical cancer, after the first doctor told her it was hopeless and to start planning a funeral. Today she is healthy, cancer free, and life is wonderful!

Thought For The Day – One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness, for it is usually returned

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  5 Responses to “They’re Real!”

  1. Congratulations to Miss Terry on her 13 years cancer free! My Terry has been down that road as well and is almost 3 years cancer free. Yay! Life is good.


  2. So glad to hear that Terry’s celebrating 13 years cancer free! Hope your friend Sharleen can live to celebrate a similar milestone after her ordeal. Sending prayers for a long life for both ladies. And you too, Nick. You’re a good friend to have in time of need.

  3. Congratulations to Terry. Larry is 11 years cancer-free and I am 9 years out. We do count our blessings every day and offer prayers to all those who are not so fortunate.

  4. Yea for Miss Terry. I’m just 13 months free from lung cancer. I was luckily that I didn’t need chemo.

  5. So happy to hear about Terry’s success. I think a lot of it has to do with her can-do positive attitude.

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