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Dec 172013

I keep hoping that now that I have stopped using the Fluorouracil cream on my face things will start to get back to normal. And it is, but very slowly. At this point I just look like I have a really, really bad sunburn. The pain has eased up a lot, but due to my burning, itchy skin, I had a rough night Sunday night and didn’t sleep well. Which gave us a late start yesterday.

After calling our printer back in Michigan to make sure that the files for the new issue that I uploaded late Sunday night arrived and looked okay, I did the usual routine of answering e-mails, deleting all of the junk forwards, checking my favorite blogs, and giving the news a quick look to see who we’re at war with this week.

Then I reviewed the first chapter of the audiobook of Big Lake Blizzard, and as always, Bruce Miles did an excellent job. If everything stays on schedule, it should be finished and available for sale sometime in mid to late January.

I have big news on the audiobook scene for me! Eric G. Dove approached me a while back and has agreed to narrate and produce the audiobook version of Dog’s Run. This is a major coup for an independent author/publisher like myself, because Eric is a real heavy hitter in the audiobook industry. He has produced over 100 titles in the past three years, a long list of books by bestselling authors like W.E.B. Griffin (Brotherhood of War series), Stephen Coonts (Pirate Alley, The Disciple) Greg Iles (Mortal Fear), Stephen Hunter (Pale Horse Coming, Hot Springs, Dirty White Boys), J.R. Ward (Fallen Angel series), David Morrell (Rambo, First Blood), Winston Groom (Shiloh, 1862), and Sharyn McCrumb (The Ballad of Tom Dooley) to name just a few. I’m thrilled to have a narrator with his long list of credentials doing one of my books.

About 2 p.m. we left the campground and drove about 35 miles east to Benson to drop off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal at several of the RV parks in that area. Benson sure has changed in the last ten years or so. It used to be a sleepy little town but now it has a WalMart and seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Yet it still retains its small town feeling.

Out first stop was at Cochise Terrace RV Resort, and after dropping off a bundle of papers in the office, we drove by Don and Sharon Del Rosario’s lot to see if they were home but missed them. I left a paper on the door and later Sharon e-mailed to say they had gone to see a movie. Next time we’ll call ahead.

We stopped at five or six RV parks in Benson, including the Escapees Saguaro Co-op. If you belong to the Escapees RV Club, it’s like a homecoming any time you visit one of their parks because we are all one big extended family. We always run into people we know at an Escapee park.

This time around we saw our pals Art and Caroline Fennell and chatted with them for a bit. Then we stopped to see longtime readers Jerry and Suzy LeRoy. It’s been a few years since we saw these great friends and it was nice to have a few minutes to visit with them.

On the way home we stopped at Luckie’s Thai-Asian Cuisine for dinner. We first discovered this small restaurant a couple of years ago with Greg and Jan White and it was just as good as we remembered. I had my standard house fried rice and Miss Terry had Szechuan shrimp, and both were delicious. Then we stopped at the Fry’s grocery store in the same shopping center for a few things before heading back to our motorhome at Voyager RV Resort. I spent most of the evening sending out the link to the new issue of the paper to our digital subscribers and that about wrapped it up for us for the day.

There is still time to take advantage our latest promotion, just in time for your Christmas shopping. Between now and Christmas Eve you can gift a one year digital subscription to the Gypsy Journal for just $10, which is half of the regular price. There is no restriction on the number of subscriptions you can give, but they have to be gifts and not to your own e-mail address. To order, just click the button below. And please follow up with an e-mail to me at editor@gypsyjournal.net with the name and e-mail address of the person you want the subscription(s) to go to. We’ll send the recipients an e-mail telling them the gift is from you.


And finally, if you are going to be doing any of your Christmas shopping online, please consider clicking the Amazon link at the top right side of this blog. When you purchase an item on Amazon from our link we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

Thought For The Day – You can’t make somebody love you. You can only stalk them and hope for the best.

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  1. I am not surprised that a “heavy hitter” wants to record Dog’s Run. I still find myself thinking about the story and its lessons, even though I read it months ago. You have some great books in you.

  2. Nick glad to hear that you are finally done with your treatment, we hope it takes care of that little problem. Hope Miss Terry is doing good. We were hoping to see you this winter but have some family problems that we are helping with so we are staying north this winter. Looking forward to reading the next Gypsy Journal. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Glad your treatment is done but be careful with associating with the word normal 🙂

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