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Dec 222013

We spent most of the day visiting with our friends Jim and Sharleen Lewis at Editha House and it was late when we got back to the RV park. And Terry still had laundry to do. So I have dusted off a fun blog post from a few years ago that I think you’ll enjoy.

Okay, the question of the day is, who makes the rules? I never get invited to the meetings when whatever secret society it is that determines such things gets together, but apparently there is a set of rules some of us never got the memo about.

I bring this up because a lady wrote to ask me what makes a fulltime RVer. She is a traveling nurse, who spends an average of four to six months in a given location on a work assignment, then usually takes a few weeks off before moving on to her next assignment. She has lived in her Class A motorhome for over five years and has worked in hospitals from Oregon to Montana to Alabama to New Mexico,

Apparently she was at a social hour at the RV park where she is staying, and mentioned that she is a fulltimer and explained her lifestyle. Immediately two different people informed her that she is not a fulltime RVer, because she remains stationary for long periods of a time.

Who makes these rules? What defines a fulltimer? To me, if you live in an RV all of the time, and that RV moves from place to place occasionally, you are a fulltime RVer. At least that’s my definition. But again, I don’t get invited to the meetings that determine such things.

While we’re at it, I have had people tell me that the correct spelling is full time or full-time RVer, not the compound word fulltime that I use. Likewise, I write motorhome, and it should be two words, motor home. I’ve been told that neither fulltime nor motorhome is in the dictionary. Hey, they are in mine, I just wrote them in myself! I’ve seen both words written both ways in RV publications and on the internet. Besides, it’s my newspaper and my blog, I’ll blend whatever words I want, thank you very much. I have to have some perks in life – sometimes wandering around the country at will, living with a beautiful, intelligent woman, and getting paid to do the things most people do on vacation just are not enough.

Another bone of contention I have heard around campfires and happy hours are the maps many RVers put on their rigs to show which states they have visited. Who knew there were map police?

One author wrote in a book about her RV life that when they started out, she and her husband filled in states on the map as they drove through them. But then at a happy hour somewhere, someone mentioned that they were doing it all wrong. Apparently you should only put a state on your map if you spend the night there. So her husband, being an obedient little RVer, scraped off the map and bought a new one, upon which he dutifully filled in only the states they had actually spent a night in.

She said that things were going along just fine until some prankster in another RV park explained the “nookie rule,” which states that you can’t fill in a state on your map until you make love there. She said her husband was back outside scraping off states and saying “Honey, we need to go back to Oklahoma!”

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Thought For The Day – Middle age is when work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work.

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  8 Responses to “Overruled”

  1. As newbies, we at first filled in a state or province when we traveled in it but quickly changed to only doing it when we stayed in it. We have had our dog, Kerby, since just before we bought our first motorhome in 2006 and at our web site we track Kerby’s POS (Peed-on States and Provinces), so I guess we could have just as easily charted those on the map! Kerby’s POS is now at 61, lacking only Northwest Territories and Nunavit. In February 2012 we acquired Gizmo, and his POS stands at 32. So, there is yet another criterion for the “rule-makers” and another boast for RVers: My dog has peed on more states than your dog!

  2. Fulltimers are those who live in their RV fulltime. I never got the memo stating otherwise.
    Maps – I fill in a state when I spend at least one night there. Yes, that would mean many short trips when I am in New England.
    Life in the slow lane means life without rules that confine. If the map police shows up on my door step, I’ll just remove the map and forget about it.

    PS – Hope your face feels better today.

  3. We live in our motorhome fulltime! There, I just saved two strokes of the spacebar.

    Time for a nap…

  4. When I first met Bob I questioned his map. There would be 1/2 of a state or even a missed state going from one state to two states away. He would only put the state on if he had fully explored the state. And yes we too are fulltimer’s in a motorhome.

  5. I am still chuckling over the “nookie rule.”

  6. Let’s hear it for the “nookie” rule.

  7. Funny thing about spelling and descriptive words or phrases for that matter…they change with the years…good points, Nick. Well, there are always others out there that really want to be in charge of our lives, eh?? Incredible the number of ways they come up with…such as telling people those maps are filled in wrong…so funny!!

  8. Gotta wonder about people who have the time and energy to be concerned about, what to me, seem trivial matters. I am thinking too many people are too concerned about what other people do. Now I guess I will wonder what those people who have those maps were doing while in each of those states. Oops, thinking that would make me one of those people concerned about what the person in the neighboring RV is doing.

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