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Dec 272013

Thanks to everybody who e-mailed or posted suggestions about the ABS light on our Ford Explorer that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog. The problem has been fixed.

When I went out yesterday morning, the SUV had developed a really bad shake in the front end that told me it might be more than the ABS sensor. Longtime reader Bob Derivan suggested TPLT Automotive, about three miles from us, so I gave them a call and they said to bring it right in.

Mike, the owner, plugged an analyzer into the port under the dashboard and said it showed a bad wheel bearing, but there was also a concern that the four wheel drive transfer case might be a problem, too. That would have gotten really expensive! But we lucked out and it was just the wheel bearing after all. Still not cheap, but a lot less hassle and expense than a transfer case. The folks at the shop really impressed me and they will get added to our RV Good Guys guide. It’s a handy reference when you need mechanical work or RV repairs and are in an area where you don’t know who you can trust. While I was talking to Mike, he added that they also do mechanical service on RVs. If you need any mechanical work done and you’re in or around Apache Junction, call TPLT Automotive at (480) 807-0100 and tell them I sent you.

In a blog titled Know When To Fold ’Em a few days ago, I wrote about a couple who have a goal of wintering in their hometown of Alpena, Michigan, in their partially finished bus conversion just to prove to themselves that they can do it. I got an e-mail from them last night telling me that after reading the blog and comments from our readers they decided that there really was no sense in torturing themselves any longer and will be headed for Florida New Year’s Day. Good choice, and safe travels folks.

I’m not sure where we are headed come January 1st when our time here at Santa Fe RV Park is up. Last week a doctor from the VA hospital in Tucson called to say they “hoped” to schedule surgery for my skin cancer “about” January 2nd, but she wasn’t sure “exactly” when it would be. We’ll probably go ahead and return to Tucson so we’ll be on hand whenever the VA gets the scheduling worked out. Or we may hang out here a little longer. There’s nothing like ambiguity, is there?

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Big Lake Lyinching Audio cover

Thought For The Day – Don’t let your pride get in the way of your peace.

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