Dec 192013

They say that getting old isn’t for sissies, and I believe them. The last few weeks have been kind of hectic, between appointments at the V.A. hospital in Tucson, our friend Sharleen’s surgery, the Fluorouracil cream treatment on my face, the report that my biopsy came back positive for skin cancer, and yesterday’s colonoscopy.

The procedure was yesterday afternoon and it went fine. The doctor removed three small polyps and I don’t have to do that again for three years. Back at home I spent much of the rest of the day and evening being lazy, not accomplishing one darned thing. And I didn’t even feel too guilty about it.

About 5:30 another doctor called from the V.A. to tell me that the tentative date for surgery for my skin cancer is January 2nd, but that might change. At any rate, it looks like it will be sometime soon after the first of the year. She said they didn’t want to wait too long.

With all of that behind us, hopefully we can get back on track, at least for now. Today is our last day in Tucson, and I want to get some work done on my next Big Lake book. This afternoon we’ll visit with my cousin Beverly for a while and take her to dinner. Then tomorrow we’ll head back up to Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction and spend Christmas with Terry’s parents and sisters. We planned to stay there two weeks, but that might change once the VA decides when my surgery will be.

With the medical issue and not knowing how much will be involved hanging over our heads, it looks like we won’t make it to Quartzsite, but we would still like to get over to Yuma as planned this winter, and maybe to the Escapees Jojoba Hills Co-op in Southern California. But that’s one of the great things about the fulltime RV lifestyle, we can always stir the Jello and change our plans as needed.

Great news for anybody who wants to make money as they travel! Our friends John and Kathy Huggins’ new book So, You Want to be a Workamper is now available both as an e-book and in print from Amazon. John and Kathy Huggins have done an excellent job of covering the entire scope of workamping, explaining the types of jobs available, how to apply for a workamping job, what the workamper’s duties will be, and how to make sure the experience is satisfying for both employer and workamper. This is essential reading for any RVer who plans to earn money as they travel.

Have you signed up for this week’s Free Drawing for an audiobook version of my friend Judy Howard’s COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST. I’ve read it, and this is a very moving book. All you have to do is click this Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section below. Only one entry per person per drawing please! The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday evening.

And finally, if you are doing any of your last minute Christmas shopping online, please consider clicking the Amazon link at the top right side of this blog. When you purchase an item on Amazon from our link we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog.

Thought For The Day – You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you’re down there. – George Burns

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  6 Responses to “Getting Back On Track”

  1. I downloaded and read Coast to Coast With A Cat And A Ghost based upon your recommendation Nick and absolutely loved it. As soon as I finished it I immediately bought the sequel Going Home With A Cat And A Ghost and it is just as good. I would love to meet Ms. Howard at a campground someday.

  2. Thx for workkamp book link…just ordered up as thinking of pursuing something like that down the road. Me, suffering from skin cancer this past summer, I’m always reminded too, like my mom said, “getting old isn’t for sissys for sure!” Hopeful yours is less than expected in surgery, fast healing and your back on your way!

  3. Strange did I do something to get removed from you comment section? I am going to try again. Wishing you the best of luck when you have your surgery, Sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

  4. Not that I know of Elaine. This is the only comment I see from you.

  5. Nick – had my squamous surgery this morning. Took about three hours – the worst is getting the numb stuff into you. My doc was able to get all of it on the first try which is wonderful. Then he got me all stitched up and Jim took me to lunch to celebrate. Really not bad at all. Just wanted to let you know. And I am really a wimp when it comes to things like that. Stop by if you want more info when you’re at Santa Fe.

  6. Nick,

    You are doing good in taking the old body in for its 650,000 mile “tune up.” Very few of us get to this age without some age-related conditions. I hope your surgery goes well.

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