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Do you have a CB radio in your RV? If so, do you use it? We have a COBRA C75-WXST 40-Channel radio, which also has ten NOAA weather channels. We don’t monitor it all the time because the truckers can get pretty vulgar, but it has helped us avoid trouble more than once. A new Facebook group called RV CBers is encouraging RV travelers to monitor Channel 13 when on the road to hopefully connect with others you pass along the way. Check them out on Facebook, they’ll be glad to hear from you.

One of the best things about the RV lifestyle is all of the nice people we meet and then run into over and over again all over the country. While we were at the hospital with Jim and Sharleen this past week a motorhome pulled into the site across from us here at Santa Fe RV Park but we were so preoccupied that we hardly noticed. The other day when son-in-law Scott was working on our lift pump problem, our new neighbor walked over to say hello and it was Paul Stough. I think the last time we saw Paul and his wife Ann was at our Gypsy Journal rally in Yuma.

People have asked if we plan to hold another rally in the future. At this point we don’t have any immediate plans for one. We miss getting together with everybody, but not all of the work that consumed so much of our time. And it’s been very nice not having some place we had to be for a rally. This freedom is what the fulltime RV lifestyle is all about. If we do decide to hold a rally in the future, it will be a much smaller, less structured event.

But just because we aren’t holding RV rallies doesn’t mean we are not keeping busy. It still seems like we are on the go all the time. Yesterday Miss Terry ran a bunch of errands, including stopping at the post office to mail out some orders, going to the bank, and then the grocery store. Then she came home, made dinner, and as soon as we finished eating she went to the campground laundry to do a couple of loads. She is really looking forward to getting a new washer/dryer combo as soon as the budget allows.

While she was doing all of that, I kept busy working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and got quite a bit done. I also reviewed a couple of auditions for Dog’s Run. One was pretty good, but just wasn’t what I’m looking for in a narrator. I have no idea why the other one even sent an audition, since I specified that I wanted an adult male with a Midwestern accent. This sounded like it was a young person with a noticeable southern accent, and instead of sending an audition of the sample from the book I provided, he said he didn’t have time to read it so sent me five minutes of him doing a monologue on why college is not worth the time and money. Why waste my time and his? I guess he saw that is paying a $100/hour bonus and was aiming for that or something.

Speaking of Dog’s Run, I have to share a five star review I got the other day that really pleased me: “It is hard to say that I enjoyed a book that is about the things I hate most, prejudice, injustice, exploitation and criminals running a city. But once I started this book, I could not stop reading it. It would not surprise me to hear this book has been made into a movie. You won’t be able to put it down.”

And here are four books by some of my author friends you might enjoy. If you like historical romances, check out Highland Soldiers: The Enemy by J.L. Jarvis, the first book in her Highland Soldiers series. Billy Kring just published a brand new suspense novel, Outlaw Road, the second book in his Hunter Kincaid series about enforcing the law on the Texas border. For a limited time, Corrie Fischer is offering her new book R.E.M. for just 99¢ on Amazon. It’s the tale of how three women are forced to confront their inner fears and the journey they take to get there. And Ken Rossignol also has has his Chesapeake 1850 which will take you back to the days of steamboats and oyster wars, on special today for 99¢ on Amazon.

Another limited time offer is our latest promotion, just in time for your Christmas shopping. Between now and Christmas Eve you can gift a one year digital subscription to the Gypsy Journal for just $10, which is half of the regular price. There is no restriction on the number of subscriptions you can give, but they have to be gifts and not to your own e-mail address. To order, just click the button below. And please follow up with an e-mail to me at with the e-mail address you want the subscription(s) to go to. We’ll send the recipients an e-mail telling them the gift is from you.


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Thought For The Day – The world is full of people waiting to be offended by something.

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  1. Nick, have you thought about going to the factory for your Washer/Dryer in Oregon. I hear they can rebuild them for not to bad of a price and bring them up to just about brand new!!!!

  2. Wilmer, They no longer carry many of the parts for our model.

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