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Dec 142013

Our two weeks at Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction went by in a blur, between running back and forth to the hospital to be with our friends Sharleen and Jim, dealing with the major discomfort of the Fluorouracil treatment on my face, and working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. We were only a couple of miles from Terry’s parents, but I think we only managed to stop and see them a couple of times while we were there.

Yesterday we left to return to Tucson and we had a beautiful day for traveling. No wind, clear blue sky, and a cool day. I was a little concerned about the fix on our lift pump, hoping it had solved our fuel leak problem, but I didn’t need to worry because son-in-law Scott did an excellent job on the replacement. Thanks again, Scott.

We took our preferred route, U.S. Highway 60 east to Florence Junction, then State Route 79 south through Florence, and in Oracle Junction we continued south on State Route 77 into Tucson. From there we got onto Interstate 10 for a few miles, pulling in to Voyager RV Resort a little before 2 p.m. This route is mostly two lane roads and not as fast as Interstate 10, but it’s a nice relaxing ride except for the few miles of stop and go traffic coming into Tucson.

Under our Thousand Trails membership we can stay at Voyager for $3 a night for up to seven days. The place is busier than it was on our last stay a few months ago, but they still had lots of empty RV sites. We got parked in a back in full hookup site that took a little bit of maneuvering to get into, but Miss Terry is an ace at guiding me into anyplace and it wasn’t a problem. I did wonder why they sent us there, with so many easy to access pull-through sites, but I guess when you get the bargain basement rate you can’t complain.

Voyager has just about every amenity you could ever want, and some you probably never thought of, including live entertainment, crafts shops, swimming pools, and exercise rooms. But we’re too busy to take advantage of any of them. It’s a very nice resort, but for us it’s just a cheap place to stay while we’re here for medical appointments. A number of folks have already been e-mailing asking if we can get together for lunch or dinner, but we’re only here for a week of medical appointments, I still have two pages to finish on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and we just don’t have the time. And until the pain lessens in my face I’m really not up to socializing. I hope everybody understands.

I was surprised yesterday when ACX, the production arm of, announced a $100/hour stipend for production of the audiobook version of Big Lake Blizzard, since there is also a stipend in place on Dog’s Run, and it was my understanding that they don’t usually pay stipends on two books by the same author at the same time. What the stipend means is that, in addition to their share of royalties from the sale of a book, the narrator will also receive over $1,000 a book up front, as an incentive to attract the best narrators possible. I guess the folks at Audible and Amazon think I’m a good bet. Bruce Miles, who has narrated all of the books in the Big Lake series, will also be doing Blizzard, and tomorrow I will make the choice for the narrator for Dog’s Run. I have a couple of very good auditions and I want to listen to them again before I make a decision.

Big Lake Blizzard9

As of now, over 200 people have entered this week’s Free Drawing, and I’m not surprised, because it’s a good one! In fact, it’s our biggest prize ever. John and Kathy Huggins of the Living the RV Dream podcast are donating one of their current Christmas Specials, which includes all of their current podcasts of Living the RV Dream as well as the Radio Days podcasts (257 in all) as well as PDF copies of their books So, You Want to be an RVer, So, You Want to be a Workamper, and their guide How to Survive an RV Show…and Make it a Great Experience, all on an 8GB flash drive. John and Kathy usually sell just the podcasts, without the books, for $65. All you have to do to enter is click this Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section below. Only one entry per person per drawing please! The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday evening.

I hate to come down as the heavy, in spite of my weight. But I have to explain a thing or two about our weekly Free Drawings. While this is a commercial blog and we do have ads to help pay for it, the drawings are not an income source for us. We do not make anything from the drawings. We and the folks who have donated books or other prizes are doing it as a way to say thank you for your support. Somebody complained the other day that they were tired of me plugging the people who donate the prizes every day of the drawing. Well, that’s my way of thanking them for their generosity and if that offends you, I’m sorry.

The second thing I need to talk about is people who enter multiple times. If you have not entered before, our spam guard may hold your entry for verification and you won’t see it until I have the opportunity to log on and approve your entry. But you WILL be entered in the order you submitted your entry and will not lose your place. If you don’t see your entry immediately, don’t worry. I check several times a day and add the pending entries. Entering again won’t make it happen any sooner. I clearly state in each blog post that the rule is one entry per person. But there are some people who enter three, four, five, and even ten times for every prize. Some use the same name, and some use variations, such as Joe, Joseph, Joey, etc. One person uses the names of cartoon characters and movie stars. When you do this you make a lot of extra work for me, because I have to go in and delete all of those multiple entries. Frankly, I don’t have time for that and if it happens on a repeat basis, that person’s e-mail address will be blocked. Please play fair and don’t put me in that position. This is all about saying Thank You to our readers. Don’t spoil it for everybody.

Thought For The Day – You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.

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  1. What’s the big deal? If somebody is lazy and only wants to enter 1 time thats okay. But if I am aggressive and want to maximize my chances of winning that should be my right. If you don’t make anything off it what do you care who wins?

  2. You don’t have any rights when you enter a contest except what are granted by the rules. Idiot.

  3. It’s NOT like buying Lottery tickets, where someone is profiting by this, other than publicity and advertising. The rules are simple, abide by them.

    People are lucky that I’m not the one administering the drawing. If folks didn’t live with the ONE ENTRY per week rule, any multiples that I found would all be tosed and if the offender were persistent form week to week, they would be blocked/banned from further contests.

  4. Well if you feel that way I’ll make it easy peazy for you and not enter any more of your contests and I’ll stop reading your blog too. Goodbye

  5. Nick, it’s too bad that there are some folks out there that are so petty, and want to make you do extra work. I appreciate you being so up front and kind. Keep up the good work.

  6. I don’t want to workkamp, I can survive an RV show (don’t attend),…..etc; so I don’t enter for the “Free” gifts offered by J & H Huggins (& your posting IT). But thanks to the 3 of you for the offer.

    Yea goodbye to ROZ. Now if we can just get rid of Larry McClain and his types!

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