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Dec 112013

We originally planned to leave Santa Fe RV Park here in Apache Junction today and to go back to Tucson to get settled in for more stuff at the V.A. hospital next week. But we decided to extend for two more nights to give me time to get the next issue of the paper finished.

Through our Thousand Trails membership, we can stay at Voyager RV Resort for a week for just $3 a night, which is a pretty good deal for a full hookup 50 amp RV site in a five star rated RV resort, even if we don’t take advantage of the many amenities Voyager has to offer. We’ll stay there a week and then if everything works out okay at the V.A. hospital we’ll come back here and stay through the end of the year to spend the holidays with Terry’s family. After that, things are up in the air and we’ll play it by ear.

I only have a couple more days of the Fluorouracil cream treatment I’m undergoing for all of the precancerous spots on my face, scalp and ears, and I have to tell you, I’m really looking forward to putting this misery behind me. I used to think I had a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this has reduced me to a whiney, sniveling wimp.

You can bet that from now on, sunscreen and a big floppy hat are going to be part of my complement every time I go outside. And if you ever see me without proper cover, please show me this picture to remind me. After you give me a swift kick in the rear end.

Wednesday picture

Last night I was talking to my friend Brenda Speidel, whose husband Ron is facing some serious health issues, and she was telling me how much the folks at the RV park in Mission, Texas where they spend the winter have rallied around them. Brenda said that when they got home from Ron’s latest treatment yesterday afternoon a neighbor had dinner waiting for them, and another brought over cookies for a late night snack. It’s true, RVers really are wonderful people.

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And nothing will put you into the holiday spirit more than a tale of vampires, werewolves, and the struggle for world domination. It’s all there in my buddy Brandon Hale’s newest book, Day Soldiers IV – Evolution, which was just released yesterday. Check it out.

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Thought For The Day – In the long run, it’s better to be loathed for who you are than loved for who you are not.

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  8 Responses to “Almost Done!”

  1. Wow Nick that looks painful but I think you should shave and then do those parts when you are finished with current treatment.


  2. Your picture reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer uses butter as his suntan lotion then proceeds to fall asleep in his lounge chair on the roof. When he awakens and looks at himself, he declares, “stick a fork in me, I’m done”.

  3. your face is looking great,even though you look very sunburned. All the discomfort is worth the good outcome you will have at the end. Sorry to hear Ron is having health problems, next time you talk to Brenda tell her we are adding him to our prayers. I agree RV families are the best when it comes to helping each other

  4. Hi Nick, I can tell you are uncomfortable. Just one question though. Why did you to shave your beard and treat your whole face? Are there no pre cancerous spots under there from your younger years?

  5. Anyone who would be going through this treatment would be miserable. What’s interesting is that it’s “clear” that it’s working, because the redness is much more even now.

  6. Your face does look painful (does it even keep you awake at night?)…hope this will take care of everything for you. Apparently you have had a beard long enough to protect that part of your face?? Wondering…my hubby had had a beard for a long time now too…

  7. Thanks for your concern everybody. I have worn a beard since I was 21 years old so that part of my face seems to be okay. Yes, Elizabeth, it keeps me awake most of the night, even with the strong painkillers I’ve been taking the last few days.

  8. Nick, If you think your face looks bad now wait until it starts peeling. Since
    this is obviously your 1st treatment it gets better down the road. I have done the
    cream treatment 4 or 5 times and this year they opted to have me do the
    blue light. They put a cream all over your face and then you sit and wait for 2 hours and then they put the “blue light machine ” in front of you and you sit
    there for 15 mins. That’s it.
    On the subject of helpful RVers. Last winter a widow in our park in so. Texas
    had to have eye surgery, therefore, could not drive. PEople just pitched right
    in, some drove her to appointments and the rest of us signed up for a day each
    week to put her drops in her eyes. Because of complications this lasted a few
    weeks but everyone was right there helping. She and her children who could
    not come down were so grateful that they treated us to a pizza party plus.

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