A Bump In The Road

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Dec 122013

The last few days I have been pretty much chained to my desk, working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and by the time I knocked off last night I had 30 pages done, which puts me in a good position to have it to the printer Monday morning. Usually by now I would have cabin fever and be looking for any excuse to take a break and get away from the computer for a while. But since I am supposed to avoid the sunlight while undergoing the Fluorouracil cream treatment it’s just as well that I have plenty of work to do.

When I was at the V.A. hospital in Tucson back in mid-November they excised one spot on my ear that was looking pretty bad, and yesterday I got a letter with the biopsy results. It was squamous cell skin cancer, and now I’m waiting for the dermatology surgery folks to contact me to see what the course of action will be. I’m hopeful that they found it early enough and that this will just be a little bump in the road of life we all travel.

Since I have a colonoscopy scheduled at the V.A. next week, due to a family history of colon cancer, I guess I’m in for a head and tail experience, so to speak.

It finally warmed up a bit here in Apache Junction, but yesterday evening the wind started blowing hard. When I talked to my pal Greg White in the Houston area yesterday, it was in the 40s and he was the one doing the sniveling for a change. But compared to the 3 degrees at my daughter Tiffany’s place in northern Arizona a couple of days ago, I think both of us should put on our big girl panties and just shut up. And if you’re wondering why Greg and I have big girl panties, you’ve obviously never seen one of our Cactus Queen beauty contests.

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  6 Responses to “A Bump In The Road”

  1. Clicked on the Cactus Queen and there he was. The first one. Bob. Didn’t look the same across the breakfast table. That sure was a hoot. I wonder if the winner’s new wife has ever seen this.

  2. Sorry to hear about your cancer, but I know you will ward this off just like all the others nasty things life throws at us … keep us informed and we will keep you in our thoughts …

  3. I, too, have the squamous cell stuff on my forward. I’m having the Mohs procedure done on the 19th. Jim has also had a couple of those done. Not fun but about 98% doable. Then they want to see you a whole lot more often because it can spread. Whoopee. Getting old = fun.

  4. Nick, I too just had a squamous cell cancer removed from near my ankle. About
    2 yrs. ago I had one removed behind a knee. And, yes, I get checked over
    about twice a year. Good luck with your surgery.

  5. hubs just had a good sized one removed from his temple. . .the plastic surgeon did not seem concerned. . .and said as long as they were sure they got all of it, there would be no further problems.

    What I read on the internet confirmed what both doctors had to say about it. . .but definitely best to have it taken care of. . .good luck!

  6. My husband had a squamous cell removed from his ear about a year ago. He had the Mohs treatment. He has no recurring trouble, and can’t even tell where it was removed. He carried mail in Tempe for 20 years. He never goes outside without his wide brim straw hat here on 96th st. in East Mesa. . He buys his hats there at Shoppers in Apache Junction on Main. Good luck to you.

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