Words And Warping

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Nov 032013

We spent the day at home yesterday, and except for a half hour or so I spent outside cleaning some kind of sticky road goop off the side of our Explorer, we never left the motorhome. But we both managed to keep busy.

Terry spent most of the day figuring out how to warp her new loom. Warping is the process of setting up the threads that are stretched lengthwise on the loom. It’s quite a complicated procedure, involving what seemed like about eleventeen miles of thread, and the loom has more moving parts than a locomotive. She was still at it at midnight, but she figured it out. I got a headache just watching her. Terry says once she gets the hang of it the next time will be easier.

Terry at loom

Terry warping

Warping loom

Trying to stay out of her way, I spent most of the day working on my next novel, Big Lake Scandal. It feels good to get back to that little mountain town and see what the locals are up to. Rumor has it that this time around one of the regulars is going to die. Hmmm, I wonder who it will be?

Speaking of books, some of my author friends have freebies going on. If you like epic supernatural stories with werewolves, John Salter’s Mortality, the first short story in the Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain series, is free on Smashwords. If you’d prefer an autobiographical story about young love and the punk rock/new wave music scene, check out Steven Thomas’ I was a drummer she was a dancer, also free on Smashwords. Also, fulltime RVer Donna McNicol’s smash fiction work A to Z in 10 by 10 is free on Smashwords. Carol Ann Newsome, who writes the Dog Park mystery series, has a new contest going on at her Facebook page and you could win a drawing for an oil portrait of your dog as part of her launch party for the next book in her series. I sure know an eclectic bunch authors, don’t I?

It was a warm day, with a high of 90 degrees. At one point we put the air conditioner on for a while, but things cooled off nicely in the evening. For a few minutes late in the evening we heard the patter of raindrops on the roof of our motorhome but that didn’t last long. In the Arizona desert, when people talk about a six inch rainfall they mean two raindrops that land six inches apart.

My buddy Greg White called me about 10:30 p.m. and we talked for a half hour or so. They are close to wrapping up their gate guarding gig and will be heading back to the Houston area to spend time with their kids and grandkids for the holidays. We talked about our mutual travel plans for the upcoming year and realized that we don’t really have any. Isn’t the fulltime RV lifestyle wonderful?

I’ve agreed to be a featured speaker at the Escapees Club Escapade in Goshen, Indiana in May, where I’ll be presenting several seminars, and after that we’ll hang out at Elkhart Campground for a while, and pop up to Michigan to see my cousin Berni Frees and her hubby Rocky. From there, who knows? Maybe we’ll go back to New England for a while, maybe we’ll spend some time exploring the eastern coast around Virginia and the Carolinas, or maybe….? Yeah, the fulltime RV lifestyle is pretty cool.

Today is your last chance to enter our free drawing for a personally autographed paperback copy of John and Kathy Huggins’ excellent book So, You Want to be a Full-Time RVer? I’ll be picking the winner this evening, so if you haven’t clicked our link to enter, do it now.

Thought For The Day – I hate daylight savings time. I’m too fat to spring forward, and if I fall back I’ll land on my butt.

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  6 Responses to “Words And Warping”

  1. Miss Terry that loom is much larger than your old one. What will you do with all that you’ll make on it? Any takers on the loom you have for sale…still thinking about it

  2. so glad Miss Terry is doing what she loves. . .it’s just wonderful!

  3. Upon your recommendation I read all about Gate Guarding from Greg White. What an interesting guy. I even joined his site. We have friends, Bobbie and Jim Chapman who have gate guarded and have put us on the path to full-time RVing next year. At the moment we live vicariously through the blogs and can’t wait to get out and meet the people we have been reading about for 4 years, especially you and Terry.

  4. Linda, Terry says once she makes things for everybody in the family, she may put them in an Etsy store (an online craft market). For now, she’s having fun, and that’s all that matters. She still has her like new Ashford rigid heddle loom for sale if anyone knows of someone looking.

  5. Nick, are you guys still planning to stop be the Museum of Appalachia next year?

  6. We’re hoping to, Barton.

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