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Nov 062013

We woke up bright and early yesterday morning, and even though I really wanted to just snuggle back down into my pillow and go back to sleep, I dragged myself out of bed. I didn’t want to leave that warm comfy bed but we planned to go to the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon here in Apache Junction so it was worth it.

So imagine my dismay when I stumbled to my desk, logged into my e-mail and with bleary eyes read three or four messages telling me that the luncheon is on Wednesday (today), not Tuesday (yesterday)!

What the…..? I got up early for nothing? That sucks. I tried to lure Miss Terry back to bed with promises of hours of unbridled passion, but she said something about dragon breath and eye gunk and told me to get dressed. Well, okay then, I’ll just go back to bed alone and dream of Meg Ryan and Vanna White. They don’t care about little things like that. But Terry was having none of that and blocked the way to the bedroom with barbed wire and claymore mines. So instead, I went outside and dumped our black tank. Yeah, it was that kind of morning.

With that done, I walked to the back of the RV park to throw away some trash and then stopped to say hello to Jim and Sandie Dixon, who stay here at Santa Fe RV Park in their fifth wheel every winter. Jim is my kind of guy – he has not one, but two boats! One he keeps here in Arizona and the other one is up in Montana. When I got back to our motorhome I tried to convince Miss Terry that I needed at least one boat to keep in Florida, but she told me that dream about Meg and Vanna had a better chance of coming true.

We were due to pull out of here today but when I checked in last week, the assistant manager told me they had lots of sites available and that if we wanted to stay another week under Passport America it wouldn’t be a problem. So yesterday I went over to the office to extend for a week and Jill, the manager, told me that our site was rented to a monthly tenant starting today, so we would have to move to a different site. No problem, it was right around the corner and except for putting our iMacs down on the bed so they wouldn’t fall while in transit, it didn’t take much to get ready to move.

As it turns out, our new site is right next door to longtime blog reader Al Bush, and he came over to say hello and chatted for a few minutes. By then Miss Terry was busy working on her loom, so I managed to stretch out on the couch for a nap before she noticed what I was up to. I dreamed that Meg, Vanna, and I were out on this boat and…. well anyway, it was a nice nap.

Okay, it’s time to announce this week’s Free Drawing, and this time around it’s for an audiobook version of Judy Howard’s Coast to Coast With A Cat And A Ghost. It’s the story of Judy’s move into the RV lifestyle after the loss of her husband, along with a homemade stuffed doll dressed to look like her late husband Jack, and a stray cat she found and named Sportster. It’s a sad, funny, and charming book that you’re sure to enjoy. All you have to do to enter is click this Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section below. Only one entry per person per drawing please! The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday evening.

Coast to Coast book

And last but not least, today kicks off our latest promotion, and one that a number of readers have asked for. For a limited time we are offering a CD set of back issues of the Gypsy Journal for the years 2003 – 2013. That’s eleven years of our RV adventures and misadventures for the amazingly low price of just $50, with free shipping! If you were to purchase them individually from our online download site they would cost you $198. How can you lose with a deal like that? To order, log onto www.paypal.com and make a payment of $50 to Editor@gypsyjournal.net.

Thought For The Day – Along with common sense, far too many people have also lost a sense of humor.

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  4 Responses to “What The….?”

  1. Oh you are such a dreamer….but one can always dream. Good thing Miss Terry is there for a burst of reality now and then.

  2. Nick,I’m guilty of getting my days mixed up also. I think it’s old timers rearing it’s ugly head. I forget to write it on the calendar. That would be too easy. Then someone calls to remind me.

    Sounds like you and Miss Terry are enjoying some “quality” time together.Hugs to both of you.

    Thought For The Day – Along with common sense, far too many people have also lost a sense of humor. (I really like this one. With the holiday season coming people around here are really starting to get moody.)

  3. A question from someone who is technologically challenged: how do you do a random drawing from a bunch of emails?

  4. Jodie,
    I have a total number of entries, such as 159 just for a number. Then I go to http://www.random.org and enter the minimum (1) and maximum (159). It chooses a winning number. By looking back at the entries in my website statistics, I can see who was the first to enter, who was #2 or #19 or whatever.

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