Uglier By the Minute

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Nov 262013

Brrr! Break out the long johns. It got down into the mid-30s overnight here in Tucson and the next few days are only supposed to get into the mid to upper 60s. I highly disapprove!

As I reported in a blog a few days ago, on my visit to the V.A. Hospital here in Tucson I was prescribed Fluorouracil cream to treat numerous precancerous spots on my face, scalp and ears. I’m supposed to apply it every night for 21 days, and I knew from using it on some spots on my arm in the past that it will get worse before it gets better. Basically, it seems like it burns the first couple of layers of skin off, hopefully destroying the problem areas in the process. A blog reader who has been through the process called it a facelift in a tube.

Well, I hope I wind up with a pretty face in the end, because I started using it a few days ago and I’m getting uglier by the minute! (Not that I had all that far to go to start with!) I’m in the early stages and already my skin is red and blotchy. It isn’t too uncomfortable at this point, mostly a burning itch, but I’m not going to win any beauty contests anytime soon.

Miss Terry, on the other hand, gets prettier by the minute. And her weaving skills are growing every day, too. Here is her latest creation, a beautiful scarf that’s going to make somebody very happy on Christmas morning.

Terry scarf 2

A couple of people have asked if Terry is going to sell any of her weaving, or take orders. At this point she is still in the learning curve and getting familiar with the loom and its capabilities as she makes gifts for family members. But she says there may come a day when she’ll take orders if time allows.

When I was watching our local news last night, they said doctors suggest people stop shaking hands and do the fist bump thing instead, in the interest of hygiene. I don’t know, I prefer to just hug my friends, male or female, and shake hands with strangers. Of all the things I could have died from, from bullets to bayonets to bombs, I just don’t see some microbe doing me in. But when you stop to think about it, that would be ironic, wouldn’t it? How about you? Have you, or are you, going to abandon the traditional handshake to protect yourself from germs?

Not only am I not going to stop shaking hands, I’m not going to stop cuddling up with every big old dog I meet. A guy has to have his vices, don’t you know? And today I’ve got a couple of dog books to tell you about, by two of my author friends. Karen Davison’s A Dog’s Guide to Humans is a lighthearted look at the human species from a dog’s point of view. And bestselling author Russell Blake, best known for his action-adventure thrillers, will warm your heart with An Angel With Fur, his story of Lobo, a rescue dog who touched everyone he encountered.

And if you’re in the mood for a good science fiction story, check out This Land by L.S. Burton. It’s free on Amazon today.

Today we may run down to the Benson/Sierra Vista area and drop off bundles of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal at the RV parks in that area, and stop and say hello to some of our many friends down there.

Thought For The Day – I’m not in denial, I’m just very selective about what reality I will accept.

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  9 Responses to “Uglier By the Minute”

  1. Since my right hand is my only good hand, I do not like shaking hands. Because of severe spinal issues, I do not like hugs at all, I like the idea, just not the hug.

    I sometimes think I like the Asian method of bowing slightly without any physical contact.

  2. when your post showed up in my reader the title, Uglier by the Minute, was right over your lovely wife’s picture…..Not good!

    my husband has had his precancerous lesions removed by freezing. no cream involved. nasty looking for a few days then gone! Hope the creme works for you

  3. Good morning from chilly Benson. We are here at the SKP park in Benson so would love to see you & Miss Terry and get a hug. Sun is out and high of 59 today!! Hope to see you sometime today….

  4. Picturing you in long johns certainly explains the ‘Uglier By The Minute’ title.

  5. Whenever I hear about folks wanting to avoid germs by doing away with handshaking, I am reminded of the time we visited my sister’s church during a cold and flu season. During the greeting time, everyone was instructed that instead of shaking hands or hugging, they were to “turn to those around you and look at them meaningfully.” My brother-in-law and I both just about lost it (not that it is unusual for us to crack up together!).

  6. Nick,
    Go to Yuma (AZ) or visit The Slabs (CA) if you want warmer weather. The highs are suppose to be in the mid-70’s every day this week.

  7. Saw a report on the news and the percentage of folks who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom…that alone would make one hesitant to shake hands with strangers. And I have noticed as a woman, that whereas some years back all women washed their hands there…now, a fair number do not. Guess they must think they don’t have germs??

    I do still shake hands with people too, but sometimes I do worry a bit…and it is a good idea to keep our hands away from our face too!! Especially during the cold seasons of the year. Hubby and I carry some xylitol gum in the car and when we are out generally chew some…we do think it also is helpful with not catching coughs, etc. from others…and tastes good too.

  8. I’m not changing my habits for any stinking germ. If it’s my fate, so be it.
    We are at Pair-A-Dice in Pahrump and it’s been cold here, too. But all the snow was above 4,000 so we are only LOOKING at it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Nope … They will pry hugs and handshakes from my cold dead appendages!

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