Last Day In A.J.

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Nov 122013

Today is our last day in Apache Junction, or A.J. as the locals call this community at the far eastern edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area, and I don’t know where the last two weeks have gone. We’ve been busy touching base with as many people as we could, and I know we disappointed some folks, but hopefully we can get to some more of you when we return in a few weeks. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep track of all of the invitations and requests we get to pay a visit to somebody. And frankly, sometimes we just have to be selfish and say “No more, we need some down time for ourselves.”

In the time we have had, I’ve been reviewing the chapters of the audiobook version of Crazy Days in Big Lake and working on the next book in the series, Big Lake Scandal. I also got Dog’s Run formatted for a print version and it is now available on Amazon.

DogsRun small

Miss Terry has been busy too, and here is her latest creation, a beautiful shawl she wove on her loom. These pictures were taken before she trimmed and braided the fringes. She’s still learning as she goes, and this is only her second project on the Baby Wolf loom, but I’m really proud of her.

Terry shawl

Terry Shawl back

By the end of the day yesterday, the final tally was 1,103 free copies of our Overnight Camping With The VFW e-book given to deserving veterans in the last five days. Welcome home, brothers and sisters.

Yesterday Terry treated her two favorite veterans, her dad and yours truly, to some of her delicious made from scratch pizzas. Before he had finished his first slice, Pete said he never wanted to go out for pizza again!


We have a lot of last minute errands to get done today, including some banking, mailing out a bunch of orders for our back issue CD deal, more chapters of Crazy Days to review, and a lot of paperwork that has backlogged in the last few days. I also need to check all of our tires with our TireTraker tire pressure monitoring system and make sure they’re at the proper levels, check the oil in the motorhome, and all of the other routine pre-trip chores.

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And finally, just in time for your Christmas shopping, here’s a gift for that hard to please person we all have on our list. You just had to see this coming, right?

Chi pet

Thought For The Day – Relax, we’re all crazy. It’s not a competition.

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  4 Responses to “Last Day In A.J.”

  1. Nice table cloths/hot pads there Nick!

  2. Well your all most in big trouble now Nick if Miss Terry has a baby loom and starts
    Looking at a larger looms, you better start looking for one of Tham bigger garage toyHaulers
    and rename it Miss Terry’s Loom Hauler
    U be typing Big Lake series out on the picnic table by flashlight BUT u will have one of Miss Terry’s famous custom made Shawl
    Nick we went to a craft fair last year an a lady was looming WOW that’s an art into its self
    no wonder she has a Nicks hands off sign on that thing

  3. Terry is an amazing woman with many talents. I’d be happy if I could just make a decent pizza, much less be able to weave. You guys are both amazing to me.

  4. What a fun hobby and beautiful shawl Terry made!!

    Heh, hilarious…instead of the usual chia pets…now you can grow it on the Duck Dynasty folks!!!

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