Ice Blue

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Nov 252013

The storm that dumped massive amounts of rain in the desert and snow in the mountains moved out of Arizona sometime early Sunday morning and we awoke to blue sky. Ice blue, because the temperature had dropped overnight and stayed down all day yesterday.

After being cooped up inside for three days Terry and I both had cabin fever, so we drove into town to visit my cousin Beverly. And we sure appreciated the electric seat heaters in our Ford Explorer on such a chilly day!

I’ve been going through Chinese food withdrawal and searched on Yelp for a good place nearby and found Hot Wok, located on Golf Links Road, just a mile or two from Beverly’s apartment. At first we weren’t too sure, since when you go in you order at the counter from a board, like in a fast food joint. But we decided that since we were already there, we’d give it a shot. And we were glad we did! The service was fast, the portions were generous, and the food was delicious. This one will definitely be added to our Favorite Restaurants book!

Back at Beverly’s apartment we visited for another hour or two, then we headed back to our motorhome at the fairgrounds, with a stop at Fry’s grocery store along the way. It was dark by the time we got home and even colder! It sure felt nice to get into my comfortable sweats and my Teepee Creepers slippers.

Today is supposed to be another chilly one, with a high around 60. And yes, compared to all of you folks reading this from places like Michigan and Minnesota, I know that’s a lot warmer than where you are. But I have wheels under my house so I don’t have to be where you are! Yes, it really is all about me. I’m glad we’ve got that straightened out. Smile

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned that I had finished Judy’s Howard’s excellent Coast To Coast With A Cat And A Ghost, and I’ve just started a book that I’ve been looking forward to reading, Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her, by Melanie Rehak. It’s the story of the creation of the Nancy Drew mystery series that has been read and loved by young girls for over eighty years and is still popular today.


Here are a couple of other good books I can recommend; Carol Ann Newsome’s A Shot in the Bark, the first book in her Dog Park mystery series is free today on Amazon, and if you like thrillers, my friend Mike Meyer’s Covert Dreams is sure to keep you turning the pages.

And finally, congratulations to Gary Leugers, this week’s winner of a copy of the audiobook version of Big Lake. We appreciate everybody who participates in our drawings and we’ll have another one starting in just a couple of days.

Thought For The Day – I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I don’t think being an adult is working out for me.

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  2 Responses to “Ice Blue”

  1. It is below freezing here in Boston this morning, we may see 60 on Wednsday which is an improvement but should not be confused with warm. I will be full time living in my motorhome next year and fantasize about warm winter days in the Arizona desert. So I have empathy for you and appreciate that 60 is cold. Hope it improves for you and my fantasy.

  2. Glad you found another yummy Chinese restaurant!! Wish we had some here…but maybe we need to venture out and try more out…

    So nice to hear of your lovely cousin and visit!! I finally got to go see some of mine in California a couple months ago…some had not seen in 27-29 years!! I loved it so being with one of them especially!!

    Today warmed up to 43 degrees here and that was really welcome!!

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