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Nov 102013

No, I’m not about to launch into a Verizon commercial, but we’ve been spending a lot of time with our friends and family here in the Apache Junction area. Unfortunately, though we are trying to get to everybody we can, there just are not enough hours in the day and we have had to say no to some folks because we had prior commitments. Fortunately, we’ll be in and out of the area several times this winter, so hopefully we’ll get to see everyone sooner or later.

Friday night we had dinner with Phil and Ann Botnick at JM Chinese Restaurant and had a wonderful time, then we went back to their fifth wheel, parked at the Apache Junction Elks lodge, to visit some more and to check out their reverse osmosis water filtration system. Unfortunately, I have not been feeling well and we had to cut the visit short. I’m hoping we can get back together with them while we’re all in Arizona this winter. By the way, Phil is an excellent RV tech and will be in the area for a few more weeks if you need something done. He’ll also be at the FMCA rally in Indio, California and then in Yuma. Phil has done work for us before and I can recommend him with confidence.

Blog readers Al and Wilma Bush are parked next to us, and when we moved to this site a few days ago, Al came over and gave us the password to his high speed Centurylink wireless signal, which is amazingly fast. Yesterday Miss Terry baked some of her delicious oatmeal bread and I took a loaf over to them as thanks for their generosity.

Later on we had a family dinner at Terry’s parents house, and her sisters Dani and Lisa were there, along with Lisa’s husband Jim. The food was delicious and the conversation around the table was even better. Here is a family picture with Terry on the left, then her mom Bess, dad Pete, Dani, and Lisa.

Terry family pic 2 

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Thought For The Day – More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

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  1. Al and Wilma are some of the nicest folks you can ever hope to meet. You’re lucky to have them for neighbors.

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