Nov 042013

Congratulations to Duane Wegley, the winner of this week’s drawing of an autographed copy of So, You Want To Be A Full-Time RVer? by John and Kathy Huggins of Living the RV Dream. We had 221 entries in the drawing. Thanks to everybody who entered, and stay tuned because I’ll be announcing another drawing soon.

For those who do not win, John told me that they have autographed copies of the book for $15, which includes shipping. That’s a heck of a deal, since Amazon charges $17.99 without the autograph. To order your copy, contact John and Kathy at their Living The RV Dream link.

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, Terry has been warping her new loom, which is a long involved process. It’s surprising that something that big and complicated did not come with some sort of instructional manual or DVD, but it didn’t. Fortunately, between You Tube videos and some internet research, she was able to teach herself what she needed to know, after a false start or two. But she’s having a lot of fun learning as she goes.

Yesterday afternoon Terry’s mom and dad came over to visit for a while and to check out her loom. I think they were impressed with it and we had a nice time visiting with them. We had not decided if we’d stay here in Apache Junction for one week or two, but Terry’s mom wants to have a family gathering next weekend, so it looks like we’ll hang around.

The lady at the office here at Santa Fe RV Park tells me that it looks like a slow season and they expect to have open RV spaces most of the winter. We’ll be bouncing around Arizona and plan to stay here again when we come back to town. It’s a nice place, clean and friendly, and convenient to everything we need in the area. And I spotted a couple of soccer fields nearby where I’m going to try to spend some time flying my Revolution 1.5 SLE Quad Line Stunt Kite .

Gasoline here in Apache Junction is running about $3.05 a gallon, and other RVers are telling me prices are good all over the country. I remember last spring, and the year before, and the year before that, when everybody just knew gas was going to over $5 a gallon and we’d all be walking. And guess what? They’ll be saying the same thing come March or April. Count on it.

Finally, I’ve had a couple of e-mails from people headed to Quartzsite for the first time asking me about generators. Both asked if the Home Depot type construction generators were suitable, and if not, what to look for. Please don’t show up in an RV boondocking area with one of those noisy pieces of junk. You’ll quickly alienate your neighbors.

I’m a big fan of the Honda EU2000i generators. They are small, affordable, quiet, and miserly on fuel. One will handle a smaller RV or supplement your solar panels, and two connected together with a Parallel Kit will keep the biggest RV well powered while dry camping.

They are also bulletproof. A few years ago a friend was running two of them hooked in parallel when a flash flood hit and the generators became submerged while running. He was going to trash them, but I asked for them to give to my son-in-law, who might be able to use them for parts. They never made it to our son-in-law. Once we cleaned them up, poured out the fouled gas and oil, replaced the filters, and put new needle valves in the carburetors, they fired right up and are still running today. I know a lot of fulltimers with big motorhomes that have onboard gasoline or diesel generators who still carry a Honda with them in case their main generator dies.

Thought for The Day – When told the reason for daylight savings time, the old Indian said, “Only the government would believe that if you cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom, you will have a longer blanket.”

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  9 Responses to “A Winner And A Weaver”

  1. Say nick would now be the best time to run out and buy that new f 550 v12 550L
    3 mpg truck for my oversized 23ft 5er. Seeing as how gas is down
    Well u know last year we were .65 cents higher and 95% of the rivers were about to come in off the road and buy the farm
    How fast things change
    Now $3.11 a gal, is about the price pr gal, of a barrel of crude oil
    now with libya and Iran,s cozying up
    We may just see that drop
    I’m ordering that bad boy truck now before ford jacks there price up
    O Say,, will that new kite pull my truck
    Joy your day

  2. Gas may be down but for some reason (the truckers need it maybe) diesel is still way up. I have not seen anything under $4.00 here in Florida although I did see some $3.70 somethings in Alabama. I can still remember when diesel was 25-50 cents less than gasoline since it is much cheaper to refine but then the speculators and govt discovered it was necessary for commerce and jacked it up

  3. Gas at some stations in the Mesa/Gilbert area of AZ is $2.999 and diesel is $3.619.

  4. “once we cleaned it up”… you mean Greg 🙂

  5. I am pretty sure that was either the “Royal” we, or in Nick’s case, the “Editorial” we.

  6. I have been around a lot of the Honda 2000 generators at ham radio events where they are popular because of the low noise and fuel efficiency. Also some folks here in southern CA have them for backup at home when the ‘big one’ comes along.

  7. Don’t know if you want to post links but something I found recently was the following: It shows the lowest prices along a given route. While not perfect it certainly highlights the places along the route with lower overall prices. (Disclaimer: I am in no way affliliated in any way with the above site and do not take any responsibility for it’s use!)

  8. Gas is down because Obama wants it down to keep our attention diverted from everything else he is up to behind our backs. Give us a bone and we’re happy while he is screwing us blind in a million other ways.

  9. Switch your Fl gas buddy over to diesel u can find lots under $4.00 Al,
    but not by much
    Stop with Obama crap it,s the oil CEO,s now go price the taxes pr gal that go,s to the state ,, then cry a storm

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