A Change Of Plans

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Nov 272013

We had planned to go to Benson and drop off sample copies of the Gypsy Journal yesterday and our plan for the next few weeks was to stay here at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson until December 20, when we would head back to Apache Junction to spend Christmas with Terry’s family. But a telephone call yesterday morning changed all of that.

It was my dear friend Jim Lewis calling from Pinetop to tell us that his wife Sharleen had been airlifted to Barrow Neurological Institute because a tumor had been discovered on her brain. I talked to Jim last night and he said she will be having surgery today, so we’re heading in that direction.

We plan to park at Santa Fe RV Resort again and as soon as we get the rig parked and hooked up we’ll be headed to the hospital to be with Jim. We feel fortunate that we have wheels under our house and a schedule that is flexible enough to allow us to pick up and go where we’re needed at a moment’s notice. I’m hoping that the strong winds that rocked us all day yesterday ease up. We’ll take the back route through Florence, which is mostly slower paced two lane, because driving a motorhome in the wind on Interstate 10 is no fun at all.

Please keep Jim and Shar in your prayers. They need them right now.

It’s time to kick off this week’s Free Drawing, and we’re doing something different this time around. This week we are giving away five prizes! That’s right, five of you have an opportunity to win. A few days ago, Dave Boggs, of the Boggs Family Ministries, contacted me and offered to contribute five copies of their new Christmas-themed CD He Came – The Gospel of Christmas. Produced by Dove award winning and Grammy nominated producer Ben Isaacs, the CD has eight songs and a short gospel sermon. You can listen to sample tracks here and follow the Boggs Family Ministries on their blog at this link. We’re giving them away all at once so you can get them in time to enjoy during the holidays. All you have to do to enter is click this Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section below. Only one entry per person per drawing please! The five winners will be chosen at random on Sunday evening and Dave will mail the CDs directly to them.

Christmas CD

Are you in the mood for a good science fiction book for the holiday weekend? How about two of them? And they’re both free! My friend Stephen Arseneault has two freebies on Amazon right now, SODIUM:1 Harbinger and AMP Messenger. Check them out. And please folks, if you enjoy a book, tell your friends about it take a moment to leave a review. While we all love writing for the joy of our craft, myself and my author friends are all small businesspeople, whether we write fulltime or on a part time basis. Your reviews and referrals to your family and friends are some of the best advertising we can ever have.

And before I close for today, I have to brag on another of my author friends, who is also an RVer. The other day I told you about Judy Howard’s excellent book Coast To Coast With A Cat And A Ghost, and I got an e-mail from a blog reader telling me she had bought Judy’s book and started reading it while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. As soon as she was finished and got on the bus to go home, she started right back in on it. She said she never looked up until the bus driver told her they were at the end of the line. She had missed her stop plus the next seven stops along the line! When you can captivate a reader like that, you have made it as an author! Congratulations Judy.

Thought For The Day – A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

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  5 Responses to “A Change Of Plans”

  1. You are a good man Nick. Jim is fortunate to have a friend like you. I have a couple of friends like you and love them dearly.

  2. Will keep Shar and Jim in prayers. Brain tumors are serious and frightening. They are fortunate to have friends like you and Terry. Request prayers for my friends Murray and his wife Sheila. Murray had emergency surgery for bowel obstruction on Saturday and is still in ICU recovering after having about half of his intestines removed.

  3. :Prayers to Shar and Jim hope everything turns out alright with her. Prayers also to Rosalind friend for a speedy recovery. Want to wish you and Terry a very Happy, Safe Thanksgiving.

  4. Prayers to Sharlene and everyone who is battling a serious medical problem.

  5. Praying for your friend. Tumor is a scary word on its own. But doubly so when the brain is mentioned too.

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