Oct 072013

And what do I get? No, not boney fingers! Short, pudgy, arthritic fingers that are paying the price for the last two days, when I’ve put in over ten hours a day working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. But it will be worth it when we get to send out the new issue to our readers.

I’d much rather be out flying my kite, or visiting with our pals Tommy and Carol Davis, and Bob Parker and Donna Huffer, who are all parked near us here at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails. I really can’t complain, I do this six times a year and goof off the rest of the time. Gee, imagine how much sniveling I’d do if I had a real job!

I want to thank everybody who took advantage of our special e-book offer, and I’m sure you will find it was the best $20 you ever spent the first time or two you park overnight for free in one of the many small town city parks and RV friendly casinos we listed, or save money by staying at a fairgrounds, or find a repair shop you can trust among our RV Good Guys.

While it is a lot warmer here in Arizona than it was on the Washington and Oregon coasts, the Verizon internet service here at the Thousand Trails is almost as flakey as it was at Long Beach. We’ll have halfway decent speeds for a while and then everything comes to a screeching halt. Of course, the campground being down in a bowl doesn’t help reception any.

Most of the next week will be much of the same, just working away at the computer. We may take a day off to run down to the Mesa area to check in with Terry’s folks, or maybe over to Show Low to see my daughter if cabin fever gets to be too much for us. Or, I just may sneak out with my kite and get some flying done after all. Smile

I was really irritated last night when I tried to go to the National Parks website to check some facts on a story I’m writing for the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and due to the government shutdown, the websites are all unavailable. They actually went to the trouble to take their websites off line just to prove their freaking point? Well, you can bet that Bad Nick had a thing or two to say about all of this nonsense. Check out his new Bad Nick blog titled It’s Our Fault and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed – Friedrich Nietzsche

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Work My Fingers To The Bone”

  1. Hey there Nick. I recommended that Mexican restaurant in Henderson to some friends who just moved there and they were very impressed. Especially with the view.

  2. We were at TT in Verde till 9/28 and agree the net isn’t good. Doesn’t the booster system you have help? I sat by the pool sometimes but there’s always a risk in doing that if you’re a sex symbol!

  3. And that’s exactly why I avoid the pool, Richard. Well, that and because I get tired of people pointing and laughing.

    We do have an external antenna and booster and they don’t help much, if any.

  4. Hey Nick, finished Dog Run, enjoyed it immensely

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