Watching The Weather

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Oct 272013

After all of the activity at Friday night’s birthday party for granddaughter Hailey, we were dead to the world when we finally went to bed and didn’t get up until a little after 10 yesterday morning, which is about normal for us since we seldom get to bed before 2 a.m.

Right after we got up. Tiffany, Scott and the girls came over, bringing us freshly made donuts and wake up kisses. Those were good, but if I had to be honest, I was more excited by what Scott had in his hands; a Priority Mail package containing my new toy, a Revolution 1.5 SLE Quad Line Stunt Kite . What a beauty, I love the color scheme!

Rev 1.5 SLE

We were introduced to these highly maneuverable kites last summer at the kite festival in Long Beach, Washington and were amazed at what they can do in the hands of a skilled pilot. To give you an idea, check out this You Tube video of six Revolutions flying in formation. I’d have loved to get it in the air, but in the high desert here in Taylor, Arizona just about everything that grows would shred it. I need to find a ball field or park with grass.

During the afternoon we drove to Pinetop to visit with our friends Jim and Shar Lewis at Pinetop Book Exchange. Jim and I have been like brothers for more years than either one of us can remember and we always have a good time when we get together with them. We hung around until it was closing time, then we all went to Lotus Garden, an excellent Chinese restaurant, for dinner.

Back at Tiffany’s house we spent the rest of the evening with the family, retiring back to the motorhome a little before 10.

We had originally planned to leave here Monday and go to Mesa for a few days to visit Terry’s parents, but the weather reports say a cold front is coming in and that the wind will be in the 30 MPH range with gusts over 40 for the next few days. There is also a chance of light snow. So we’re watching the weather, waiting to see what happens and when we’ll have a safe window to travel in.

This evening I will be selecting the winner of our Free Drawing for an audiobook version of my Big Lake mystery novel. The winner will be notified by e-mail and posted on the Free Drawing page. And if you’re not the lucky winner, don’t worry, because there will be another drawing starting soon!

Thought For The Day – Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.

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  4 Responses to “Watching The Weather”

  1. Have been a follower without comment of your blog for some time and just love it. Usually I read to my husband off my phone on our drive to work, because he loves it too. The video you posted of the kites today has prompted me to say thank you for all the interesting things you bring to us. In fact, loved the video so much that I went looking for more. Found the same routine (I think) but from a different angle, so you can see the pilots of the kites. That was messing with my mind, trying to figure out how they were piloted. Still shocked at the very little movement of the pilots, and how they move they kites. The video I found was:
    Thank you again for all your great tales and adventures,

  2. Hi Nick
    the 2088 pumps have been up dated to a new type but look the same but the New SHURflo 12V 3.0 GPM RV Camper Water Pump 56$$ on eBay
    The pump kits 25$ but y re do a 15 year old unit
    Un less your looking for the 7 GPM pump then that’s more bucks re place the pump head
    O come on the kids would love to fly that kite find a school play ground and go for it u know U want to
    I will let u try my new 4 line Senseill 2.5m trainer kite
    I took my NPW 5m out sometime back it was so strong I had to tie it to my truck bumper (with photos to boot) that thing bout took me to the next county
    Was thinking with all the stuff Greg has done for u now u can teach him how to fly a kite ( see no tools needed )seeing as how slow it is as a gate guard
    When u get your new kite up please post some photos

  3. Yay!! for the Revolution!!! Haven’t flown mine yet … too many power lines. Guess I’ll just have to go back to Seaside for a few months to get my kite fix!!!!!


  4. You have another beautiful kite. Kite flying is in the air here. Mike has the fever along with other boys I mean men here in the park.Mike just got a Prism Snap Shot 1.4. So far he has only had a couple of days he could attempt to fly are normal winds have not appeared. He is having fun learning to fly this one, his other kite was not fancy. For me it has been good exercise he is using me as the chaser for now. One of our guys who does fly competition kites is going to help him learn the basics and for me I will be grateful when the winds pick up so he can launch on his own.

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