The Wind Is Back

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Oct 132013

One thing you can always count on in northern Arizona is the wind, and it’s blowing again today. The weather forecast says we can expect winds in the 25 – 30 mile per hour range, with gusts over 40 at times. I’m glad we’re going to be hunkered down in our home on wheels here at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails preserve. Terry is going to heat up the last of the delicious croissants that Greg and Jan White gave us a while back, and she hinted that if I’m very, very good there might be one of her delicious pizzas in my near future!

I planned to finish the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, but our pals Stu and Donna McNicol drove over to visit and we went to lunch at Bing’s Burger Station. And as happens every time we get together, we sat around talking long after we had finished eating. As Stu said, usually we eat lunch and talk until dinnertime. Here is a picture Donna took of Miss Terry and me at the restaurant. Don’t ask me how I found such a sweet, beautiful lady that is as talented as she is, because I have no idea.

Nick Terry Cottonwood

We went back to the campground and talked some more, and our friends Bob Parker and Donna Huffer came over to join the party. I don’t know where the hours went, but before we knew it, the afternoon was almost over and Stu and Donna still had a long ride to get back to their motel in Wickenburg, where they had left Donna’s bike. I keep telling myself that I have outgrown my love of motorcycles, but every time I see Stu’s Harley Davidson trike I start having second thoughts. Never mind that I can’t afford one, have no way to haul one and no place to store one. A guy has to have his dreams, right?

Stu Donna Trike

After Stu and Donna rode off into the sunset, we visited with Bob and Donna for a while more, talking about our RV travels, comparing notes on places we all have been to, and the many mutual friends we have made in our years on the road.

By the time our company had left it was getting dark and starting to cool down. Which means it was the perfect time for a Dairy Queen run. We’ve been very good at staying away from DQ for a long time. In fact, I can’t tell you when we stopped at one last, but sometimes you just have to backslide. Since it was dark, Terry drove to the DQ over by the interstate exit in Camp Verde. It was just as yummy as I remembered.

Back at home I wrote the last story for this issue, answered a backlog of e-mail, and checked in on Facebook to make sure I was current on all of the latest internet hoaxes and rants. Today I’ll lay out the last couple of pages and then print them out for Terry to proof. By tomorrow we’ll have it sent off to the printer and will be free to play for a while, until they get it printed and shipped back to us.

Thought For The Day – As a driver I hate pedestrians, and as a pedestrian I hate drivers, but no matter what the mode of transportation, I always hate bicyclists.

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  4 Responses to “The Wind Is Back”

  1. That is a great picture of the two of you that Donna took.

  2. As a bicyclist I find the thought for the day offensive.

  3. Jerry, you need to speak to the other bicyclist who don’t know how to stay in the bike lane or stop at stop signs. Most people are willing to share the road. A lot of bicyclist have ruined it for the others by acting like they own the road.

  4. Jerry getting ready for a bike ride:
    1 – Bike – check
    2 – Helmet – check
    3 – Water bottle – check
    4 – Sense of humor – oops

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