Oct 162013

I want to thank everybody who sent me birthday greetings, e-mails, and posted on the blog and Facebook. You all really made me feel special. But don’t ask me where the heck 61 years went, because I have no idea! I think it was only a few years ago I was getting my first drivers license and I’m pretty sure it’s only been a couple of years since my kids were born. But now when I look in the mirror some old fart is looking back at me. What’s that all about?

So how did I spend my birthday? By unplugging a clog in our black water tank. That was fun! A couple of years ago the gate valve in the black tank went bad and we had it replaced, and I have never been satisfied with the repair job. Ever so often the valve doesn’t seem to close all the way, which is a bad thing because that can lead to clogs like the one we had yesterday. It took a couple of hours to get things working right, and I suspect we’ll have to have the valve replaced again to (hopefully) solve the problem.

With that out of the way, I did the usual e-mail thing, read over my notes for the next Big Lake book to refresh my memory of where the story is going to go, and then Terry and I ran into town to take care of some errands. But on the way out we stopped to introduce ourselves to Howard and Annette Morgan, who are parked near us. Annette has been sending me updates for our Overnight Parking With The VFW camping guide for a while now and it was nice to put a face with the name. We hope to get together with them again while we’re here. Then we stopped at Bob Parker and Donna Huffer’s motorhome to say hello and chatted with them and Alfred and Ann Casaus for a few minutes. After our errands were done, we met up with Bob and Donna again for dinner at Sizzler and had a nice time together. Thanks for sharing the evening with us, Bob and Donna.

If you’re looking for a good read, several of my author friends have books free on Amazon for the next few days. Check out The Music Box by Heather Meyer. It’s been called “a touching story that has been favorably compared to the style and themes of books by Nicholas Sparks and Ryan Winfield.” An excellent science fiction book that’s currently free on Amazon is Day Soldiers by my good friend Brandon Hale. And if you like thrill a minute action adventures, Jet and Night of the Assassin, both by bestselling author Russell Blake, are also free. That should keep you in reading material for a while. All myself and the authors ask of you is to please leave an honest review of the books when you’ve finished them. Reviews are the fuel that book sales run on. And if you’ve read any of my Big Lake books or Dog’s Run and have not gotten around to leaving a review, please do so. I would really appreciate it.

We’ll be on the road today, making a day trip to our old hometown of Show Low to see my daughter Tiffany and her family, so if you place a digital subscription order to for the special it may take a couple of extra hours to get the link to you. But trust me, it’s worth waiting for. Smile

Thought For The Day – We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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  6 Responses to “Freebies And Good Deals”

  1. Wow, I missed your Birthday yesterday Nick. But as we always say, better late than never. Happy Birthday young man and I see you had a wonderful day.

  2. Just did the two year renewal. Got out of the hospital last night after a heart cath…everything is good. Back on the road after our rig is repaired.

  3. Had such a wonderful time with you. Thanks so much for including us in your birthday dinner.

  4. Happy belated B-day Nick! I had a tickler email from Facebook alerting me to your big event, but since I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, I missed it. I’ll try and do better next year. 8^)


  5. Happy birthday – I’m one year older than you…if that makes you feel any better. Oddly enough I was doing a plumbing mishap on my birthday also and was sarcastically singing “happy birthday to me” as I roamed the plumbers self help selections at the Wal-Mart of the day.

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    AAnnndd congratulations on the article about you in Woodall’s Campground Management trade newspaper on pages 34-35. Good article.

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