Duck Dynasty

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Oct 172013

Yesterday was a long day that started out with a real scare, but it all worked out and when all was said and done, it was all worth it.

We were up by 7:30, and after the usual rounds of answering e-mails and deleting junk mail and forwards we hit the road, pulling out of the Thousand Trails campground at 9:30. We were headed 185 miles east to Taylor, where my daughter and her family recently moved. Taylor is about 15 miles north of our old hometown of Show Low and Tiffany said their new place had room for us to park our motorhome and hook up, so we wanted to check it out.

That’s when things got real scary. We were on Highway 260, only a couple of miles east of the campground and doing 55 miles per hour, when some fool in a PT Cruiser coming in the other direction crossed the center line, right into the path of our Ford Explorer. I swerved to avoid him and about then he looked up (I think he was texting because he was looking down) and swerved back into his own lane. I was afraid I’d roll the Explorer but it handled great and didn’t go into a skid or spin. Terry said there were only inches separating us when we cleared him. This is an example of how fragile life can be and that no matter how carefully you live, some idiot can snuff it out for you in a heartbeat. Both of our knees were shaking for the next ten miles or so! As my buddy Greg White said, it was one of those incidents that causes you to make a quick stop to buy convenience store underwear.

The rest of our trip was uneventful and we got to Tiffany’s place all in one piece. Tiffany and her daughters were happy to see us and smothered us with hugs and kisses when we pulled up. It’s always nice to see them and stock up on loves. Here is a picture of Terry and Tiffany, two very pretty ladies.

Terry Tiffany

As it turns out, there’s a nice place right along side her house where we can park with lots of room, a handy electrical outlet, a water bib, and a sewer cleanout we could access if need be. I think it will be just fine.

My granddaughter Hailey will be 11 in few days and she loves critters. Here is just one of her pets; a duck that thinks it’s a dog. She hangs out in the back yard with their dogs, eats out of their bowl with them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t learn to sit up and beg. And, of course, her name is Dynasty. Happy, happy, happy.

Hailey duck

From Tiffany’s, we made a quick run to Pinetop-Lakeside to see our pals Lyle Worman at his sporting goods store, and Jim Lewis at his used bookstore. A few minutes after we arrived, Jim’s pretty wife Shar showed up and we had a nice visit even if it was way too short.

It was getting dark by the time we headed home, so Terry drove. We decided to take Interstate 40 back to Cottonwood, which is about 20 miles longer, but quicker than the winding two lane Highway 260 we took going over. And there was less chance of hitting a deer or elk in the dark along the Mogollon Rim. We were hungry by the time we reached Flagstaff, and a quick check of Yelp found a nice little Chinese restaurant called China Garden, only 1½ miles off the interstate. The food was good, and a $20 bill got us a good meal with enough leftovers to take home for another meal.

We got back to our motorhome at the Thousand Trails a little before 10 p.m. and discovered part of the road blocked off and dug up, and the water was off. Fortunately, I had filled our fresh water tank the day before so we’ll be fine for a few days, or however long repairs take. I never let our fresh water level get too low just because things like this can happen. Like my old Scoutmaster used to teach us, Be Prepared.

Thought For The Day – Never trust anything you read on the internet. That’s how World War I started. — Abraham Lincoln

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  4 Responses to “Duck Dynasty”

  1. Thought For The Day was by Al Gore not Abraham Lincoln. Shame on you for getting it wrong. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH

  2. Happy you are alright, on a more pleasant subject I will agree you have three beautiful women in your life. Mike just took advantage of you great deal on the digital edition of the newspaper, thanks for a great bargain love the two of you please stay safe

  3. 1) Took advantage of your great Holiday deal and this time I think it went through.
    2) You do have some beautiful women in your life.
    3) Re: Texting while driving – I personally think it should carry a much stiffer penalty than even talking on cell phone because if a person is texting they are not looking where they are going.
    I participated in a ham radio event this past weekend and we had our mobile communications set up next to where the CHP had their mobile communication unit. One of our operators went over to talk to them and noticed that there was a speaker mike on the visor and asked about it. The officer said that was so they would be hands free and said that is what they would like to see all drivers using (including radio operators). In the past we have been exempt from the phone usage laws but there is a question now whether the new law about doing anything distracting while operating a vehicle.

  4. You were lucky. That kind of incident is what I harp about all the time to the DH. It’s not his driving that I worry about, it’s some other bozo doing something stupid. When we are traveling there is frequently some idiot zooming up the onramp not looking at all. I tell him to honk, he won’t and we squeeze over to the other lane (if we can) or wait until the driver discovers that 55 feet of truck/rv in their face. The looks on their face would be funny if it wasn’t so damn scary. I can’t imagine what semi drivers see every day.

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