Oct 282013

Congratulations to Mike Knight, the winner of an audiobook version of Big Lake in our first free prize drawing. We had 162 entries, and if you didn’t win this time around, don’t worry, we have lots of other prizes to give away and more coming in every day. Watch for news of our next giveaway in just a few days.

The wind was blowing hard yesterday afternoon, so I decided to try out my new Revolution kite. There is a soccer field not far from Tiffany’s house that was just perfect, with lots of grass and room to maneuver.

I also wanted to introduce Tiffany and her hubby Scott to my dual line Prism Snapshot 1.9 speed foil, because I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take much to get them hooked. And I was right! Those two took to it like they had been flying for years and it didn’t take them long to be doing all kinds of swoops and loops across the sky. And the strong wind was enough to pull them around a lot. In fact, at one point it jerked Tiffany off her feet and she wound up skidding along the grass! Here I am giving Scott some flying tips early on, then I got out of the way and let them have fun.

Nick Scott flying

Unfortunately, I didn’t do nearly as well with the Revolution 1.5 SLE Quad Line Stunt Kite. It’s a completely different animal and many of the hand and arm movements I learned on the dual line kite are way too much for it. I was able to launch it just fine, and kind of got the hang of how to move it up and back down to ground level, but it kept going into a series of tight left hand spins and crashing. Every experienced kite flier I know tells newbies the same thing, there is no substitute for time on the lines. I’ll get this thing figured out with enough practice and a lot of review of the many online video tutorials.

Once we were back at Tiffany’s, Terry realized that one of her gold earrings was missing and we’re pretty sure it came off at the soccer field. So this morning we’ll go back and try to find it.

We originally planned to leave today but the weather has taken a turn for the worse, with strong winds predicted. The forecast is for sustained winds over 35 miles per hour and gusts over 50. There’s no way I’ll drive our motorhome in that! The only place we have to be in the near future is the VA hospital in Tucson on November 15, so why take chances driving in bad weather when we don’t have to? Many years ago when I was taking flying lessons, my instructor beat a phrase into student pilots’ heads that I never forgot: There are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. I’ve never known anybody who got hurt being too careful.

Speaking of being careful, my friend Elaine Loscher contacted me yesterday about a scam she almost fell for, but didn’t. Elaine and hubby Mike lost their beloved dog Charlie last May and have decided it’s time to bring a new pet into their lives. She put some feelers out and Elaine said she was contacted by someone who said they were fellow Escapees and had a dog that she felt would be perfect for them. I won’t go into all of the details, but when it came down to it, the dog was free but at the last minute the woman demanded $260 for “transportation fees.” Elaine declined and she and Mike are going to visit the local animal shelter to find a small dog who needs a loving home. Not every snake is found in the desert, folks.

Thought For The Day – Life does not come with a remote control. Get up and change it yourself.

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  7 Responses to “And The Winner Is…..”

  1. Don’t blame you Nick. We made the mistake of trying to drive to Casa Grande from Yuma last year when the winds were bad and scared ourselves to death. I’m talking white knuckle tight pucker to the max! We finally made it to Gila Bend and got off the road for the night, and once we had relaxed enough to breath we asked ourselves what the hell was wrong with us! We’re retired and there is no place we have to be that bad! You guys sit still and enjoy the time with your daughter and her family for a few more days. The world won’t stop if you don’t get anyplace in a hurry.

  2. Nick buying free pets on Craig-list they call it a rehomeing fee ( ya right) check some of the pet listing
    Pound puppy’s is the best way to go
    We got (spca) a poodle that got more antics and dance moves then than we can count and knows he’s loved
    See I knew u would fly that bad boy kite

  3. Shelter dogs are the best! They made the right decision.

  4. Hmmm, not feeling so confident about my Rev now!! Hasn’t been enough wind here to get a feather in the air, let alone a kite, even with all my talking!! Hope to try it out soon though and definitely hope you find the earring!!

  5. thanks Nick for putting the word out about this snake and her scam, Sorry to hear about Terry’s earring hope she finds it. Mike is still waiting for some wind so he can go practice with his kite

  6. We just came down the Beeline Highway from Payson and saw a fifth wheel laying on its side. We were in our SUV and had to wait for 15 minutes. Highway patrolman said a wind gust flipped it over.

  7. Love your newsletter. I have a hookup you can use if you ever visit north Alabama. 50 amp and water. I am 12 miles north of Huntsville, AL. You need to tour Redstone Arsenal and our Space Center.

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