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Oct 122013

Yesterday was another long day of working on the new issue of the paper and I’m almost done. Two pages to go! I’ll wrap it up tomorrow and print it out for Terry to proofread before I upload it to our printer’s web server. And then we get to play for a while!

I did take a short break yesterday when Tommy and Carol Davis stopped in for a visit. While they were here another buddy of ours, Donna Huffer, popped in to see if we wanted to get together for dinner. We asked for a rain check and are looking forward to it once our work is done. We had a nice chat with Tommy and Carol, a few laughs, and then it was back to the grindstone.

Actually, we’re going to sneak away and play for a little bit today. Our dear friends Stu and Donna McNicol just completed a trip across the country, riding the full length of historic Route 66 on their motorcycles, and are now headed back east. Donna e-mailed me last night to say that they were in Wickenburg and asked if we could get together for lunch today. Stu and Donna are two of our favorite people and we haven’t seen them since we were in Florida last winter so we are really looking forward to it. Along with planning and then completing their awesome cross country ride, Donna also recently released Barely a Spark, her second book in the Klondike mystery series. Check it out, it’s a good read.

Speaking of mystery stories that are good reads, another of my author friends has a book that is currently number 1 in its category on Amazon and it’s free, too! Download your free copy of The Riddles of Hillgate today. And please, folks, when you finish a book, consider leaving an honest review on Amazon, whether you loved it or hated it. Authors really appreciate your feedback, it helps us grow in our craft and helps other readers decide which books to read.

I get a lot of e-mails and Facebook messages from people asking for advice and I always try to help them. But sometimes all I can do is shake my head. A while back a woman e-mailed me to ask who made the custom workstations we had installed in our Winnebago. I replied that it was Carlyle Lehman at Focal Wood in Nappanee, Indiana and she replied asking if he could build some sort of cages in her 24 foot Class C motorhome because she travels with 24 cats.

Yes, you read that right. 24 cats in a 24 foot RV. That’s a cat for every foot! When you have than many critters in an RV you have stopped being a pet owner and crossed the line into hoarding. I’m hoping she doesn’t show up at poor Carlyle’s place, and if she does, I hope she doesn’t tell him I sent her!

Thought For The Day – If we call the US/Mexico border a National Park, do you think we can finally close it?

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  5 Responses to “Almost Done”

  1. Barnes and Noble finally came through. Just wanted you to know that I got ‘The Riddles of Hillgate’ e-book FREE.

  2. You told us about Carlyle a Focal Wood and he did a great job on TV remodeling for us.
    Thanks to you and Carlyle.

  3. 24 cats! That is one big litterbox! YIKES! I like cats but 24 in a coach. If she was in Nevada that would be a brothel!

  4. Please say hi to Stu and Donna for us. I know it takes all sorts of folks to make up this world, and RV but this lady with 24 cats must keep on the move since in almost every state there is a law that limits how many animals a family can have without a kennel license. I sure hope she does not park any where near us, the smell alone would be to much. It is not fair on the cats either

  5. OMG. That’s way too many cats. About 22 too many.

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