A Gaggle Of Giggles

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Oct 262013

Yesterday was another busy day for all of us here at my daughter’s house in Taylor, Arizona, but we had a lot of fun.

While I reviewed two more chapters of the audiobook version of Crazy Days in Big Lake, Terry and Tiffany went to a craft fair nearby, and then ran some errands. When I was done with the review, son-in-law Scott and I took our Shurflo water pump apart and resealed it, hoping we could stop the leak that developed when we were at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails last week. The bad news is that it’s still leaking, but the good news is that it’s no worse than it was when we started. Sometimes that’s a victory in itself. When we get to Mesa next week I’ll find a replacement pump.

Yesterday was granddaughter Hailey’s birthday party and she had a bunch of her girlfriends here for the party and a sleepover. Talk about a gaggle of giggles! I’ll tell you something right now, we don’t have an energy shortage in this world. The problem is that scientists waste all their time working on oil, gas, and solar power when all they need to do is harness the energy of a couple dozen pre-teen girls!


They even wore the puppy out!


Here is Hailey’s birthday cake, which was yummy.

Birthday cake

And here is the birthday girl and some of her gifts.


A girl can never have too much nail polish.

Hailey nail polish

I think this huge turtle was her favorite gift!

Hailey turtle

Miss Terry was having a good time helping serve the ice cream. I had a good time eating it.

Miss Terry

Then the girls had a fashion show, designing their own dresses from aluminum foil and toilet paper.

Graci dress

Hailey dress


They were all cute, but I think Scott may have been the winner. Yeah, I’m worried too.

Scott dress

By the time Terry and I left to return to the peace and quiet of our motorhome, parked next to the house, we were both plenty tired. I promised Scott I’d leave the door unlocked if he needed to escape. I just hoped he wouldn’t wear the dress if he came over!

Our new promotion to give away an audiobook version of Big Lake is off to a fast start, with 113 entries as of 10 p.m. yesterday. If you haven’t entered yet, just click the Free Drawing link and leave your name. Only one entry per person please. The drawing is tomorrow night and the winner will be chosen at random. And if you don’t win this time around, don’t despair; there are more drawings and more prizes to come!

Thought For The Day – Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance.

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  5 Responses to “A Gaggle Of Giggles”

  1. Being with kids is a lot of fun but Pete and I relish the quiet or our RV after a visit. I’m not sure how we survived those days as parents…sure couldn’t do it now.

  2. Totally off today’s post. We experienced an event we never thought we’d see. At 5:15 a.m. Someone was pounding and hollering outside our rig, being cautious I looked out the window and omg it was a security guard. Just across from us was a older motorhome totally up in flames. We were at Spirit Mt. Casino and you never saw so many rigs move to a safe area in such a few minutes. I was very impressed. The people who lost their rig are safe, thank god. I immediately thought of Mac McCoy.

  3. Tiffany is growing up to be a beautiful young lady, we have been watching her grow up via your photo’s the past few years,sure hope dad has a 12 gauge shot gun handy or plans to lock her away for the next 6 yrs,

  4. love the son in law’s outfit. . .the socks are the crowning touch. . .LOL!

    The grands grow up so fast don’t they? Enjoy every second. . .

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