We’re In Heaven!

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Sep 042013

Well, actually we’re at the Leisure Time/Thousand Trails resort in Seaside, Oregon. But with roomy full hookup RV sites, a nice indoor pool, and fast Verizon 3G and 4G internet service, it sure feels like heaven!

We hoped to get an earlier start yesterday morning, but the couple who were parked behind us came over to tour our motorhome, which seemed like a palace to them compared to their small travel trailer, and it was about10:30 when we left the Long Beach Thousand Trails. But since we only had 32 miles to go, it was no problem.

Of course the first half of the trip was the worst since, we had to cross the Columba River on the Astoria-Megler bridge. I’m not sure which is worse, going north across the bridge and down the steep side to just above river level.

Astoria bridge washington side 6

Astoria bridge downhill

Or going south and climbing up it.

Astoria bridge washington side

Terry was driving because we all know I’m a big sissy boy when it comes to bridges. My wife is a better man than I am.

Terry driving to bridge

Even though we’ve been across the bridge several times in the Explorer with Terry driving, I had been dreading the trip in the motorhome, which sits up so much higher. But I put on my big boy panties and managed not to snivel (out loud) all the way across. Not even when we had to stop and wait just below the highest point before we entered the superstructure, because one lane is closed for painting.

Stopped on bridge

Actually, while I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t have the anxiety attack I’ve had in the past crossing this and other high bridges in the motorhome. Progress, maybe?

We arrived at the campground and got settled in, and soon afterward our friend Dave Cross came by to welcome us. Dave and his wife Lynn are parked nearby, and we’re looking forward to getting together with them for dinner while we’re here.

We hadn’t eaten all day, so we asked the ranger for a recommendation, and he sent us to El Mariachi Loco, 3615 Highway 101 in Gerhart. It was an excellent small Mexican restaurant with friendly service and great food. Terry had a combination plate which included a chili relleno, cheese enchilada, and rice and beans, while I had crab enchiladas. Everything was delicious and this definitely gets added to our Favorite Restaurants book.

After our late lunch/early dinner, which we call linner, we spent some time wandering around Seaside, getting a feel for the place. Seaside is a beach town, and from Highway 101, Broadway runs several blocks to the beach, ending in what is knows as “the turnaround.” It is lined with shops selling saltwater taffy, toys and trinkets, and a nice selection of restaurants. The beach here is wide, and popular with tourists and locals alike.

Seaside beach

Seaside beach 2

Seaside was the end of the trail for the Lewis and Clark expedition and they stayed in this area for almost a year. A statue of the explorers stands in the middle of the turnaround.

Lewis Clark monument

We’ll be here for two weeks, and we’re looking forward to exploring the area and maybe getting out to the beach for some kite flying, too.

Thought For The Day – Progress is made by lazy men looking for an easier way to do things.

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  6 Responses to “We’re In Heaven!”

  1. We’re proud of you Nick … we didn’t hear ANYTHING!!!

  2. We just missed you, we pulled into Long Beach at 10:35.

  3. We will be at the park one week from Sunday, and yes, we will be crossing the ever dreaded bridge. Looking forward to seeing you two again.

  4. Wil and Cyndy Olsen are expected here in the Preserve today September 4.

  5. You are so right,my friend. Sometimes all it takes is a roomy site and fast Internet to make one a happy camper.

  6. We use the term DUNCH for an early dinner and late lunch combined. Easy to remember since brunch is an early lunch and late breakfast.

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