Two New Converts

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Sep 122013

A few days ago Gypsy Journal subscriber John Landry e-mailed me to say that he and his wife Karen are at their lot in an RV resort in the Ilwaco area, and offered to drive down to Seaside and let me fly some of his Prism kites. We decided that yesterday was the day.

We met John, his pretty wife Karen, and their little dog PJ at a parking lot at the beach and felt an instant friendship with them. They are new fulltimers from the Seattle area and looking forward to spending the winter in the sunny Southwest.

Soon after we got to the beach Dan and Patty and Nancy came down to watch the fun. The first kite we flew was a Prism Snapshot 1.4, a smaller, faster kite than my Prism Snapshot 1.9 . While it doesn’t pull as much as the larger 1.9, it is more nimble and really scooted across the sky. I flew it and it was fun, but I think I still refer my 1.9.

John also had a brand new Prism Snapshot 1.2 that he had not flown yet. That thing was a rocket, zipping around and doing all kinds of maneuvers! Again, a smaller and even faster kite. Think sports car over SUV.

Then John broke out the big gun; his Prism Snapshot 2.5. This is a larger, more powerful speed foil than the 1.9, and can be configured either as a dual line or quad line kite. That thing has some serious pull!

Four line

John 4 line

But John really knew how to put it through its paces, doing loops, soaring to the edges of the wind window, and skimming along just off the ground. He asked if I wanted to try it, but a good man knows his limitations and I passed.

John flying

Flying sideways

Nancy Kissack is always up for trying something new, and when John offered to let her fly his 1.4 she jumped on the chance. He gave her some quick instructions and in no time at all she was flying that thing like a pro! By the time she stopped she was ready to head for the kite shop in town to buy one for herself.

Nancy learning

Nancy flying

Now, I have to tell the dirty on my pal Dan Chance. When we were talking about kites the other day he pretty much dismissed them as kid stuff, and I think he only came along because Nancy was interested. We finally convinced him to try the little 1.4 and after crashing a couple of time, which all new fliers do, he admitted it was kind of fun.

Then I unpacked my 1.9 and offered to let him try it. Again, it’s a completely different animal and will give you a real workout in good wind. About 30 seconds after it took off I heard Dan say “Oh sh#@” and I knew he was hooked. This thing ain’t no toy! But it didn’t take him long to get the basics down and before long he was doing a great job.

Dan flying

Dan flying 2

I let Nancy try it, and she got dragged around a little bit, as you can see by her feet plowing sand in this picture. It didn’t take her long to say enough, convinced that the 1.4 is the better choice for her.

Nancy 1.9

I even got some flying in and the more I fly this thing the more I like it.

NIck flying

Poor John was kept busy running across the beach chasing crashed kites and untangling lines when they got twisted.

John running

As for Patty, she was content to find a nice comfortable log to sit on and enjoy a pretty day at the beach.

Patty on beach

If you have not tried kite flying, it’s a great hobby for RVers; you get a lot of exercise, you can find a place to fly almost anywhere, and once you purchase your kite that’s it. No fuel to buy, No batteries, no license or registration fees, no docking fee, and no greens fee. All you need is some open space and some wind, which is free. I guess it’s about as green a hobby as one could have.

Thought For The Day – It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are. – E. E. Cummings

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  5 Responses to “Two New Converts”

  1. Looks like fun! I think I may be about to discover a less expensive and more active hobby than amateur radio. It could help me get some much needed exercise doing something more interesting than walking.

  2. Wow, never knew there’d be a post on Kite Flying 101. As a working person, hoping to retire & travel soon…I was envious of what a “hard day” you had in just flying kites!

  3. Actually, we were working Patti. That’s our job, discovering new places to go and new ways to have fun and sharing them with our readers. It’s a pretty good gig.

  4. Definitely a good gig. Kudos to you 🙂

  5. Wow!! You folks sure got some nice weather for the beach and flying…Looks like a bunch of kids….”Having too much fun”

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