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Sep 242013

Well, after running through some more tests yesterday morning and a phone call to Westland Sales, which provides parts and service advice to Splendide washer/dryer owners, the news was not good.

The control board is shot and replacement boards are no longer available for that model. Now what? Greg White told me to send him the board and he will check it out and see if he can replace the bad components. Otherwise we’ll be spending big bucks on a new washer/dryer.

We debated hanging around Seaside another week, thinking that we’d be able to have Westland send us the needed parts, but since that’s not going to happen we decided to head south tomorrow. We’ll stop in Newport for a few days and hopefully hook up with our pals Butch and Jodie Spiller for a visit.

The original plan was to continue south along the coast and into California, but we’ve been on the coast for over eight weeks now and, as much as we love being around the ocean, we’re pretty well burned out on gray skies and cold, wet weather. My hands and fingers are aching and Terry is starting to feel it in her joints, too. So we may turn inland at Newport and head across southern Oregon and down into Nevada and start making our way toward Arizona. We have not been to the Bend Thousand Trails and that might make a good stop along the way. As always, we’ll play it by ear and see what happens. As with all fulltime RVers, our plans are set in Jello.

I want to thank everybody who purchased my new book, Dog’s Run, who shared a Facebook link about it with their friends and family, and for all of the nice comments on the blog, by e-mail, and on Facebook. I would also really appreciate any reviews you might consider leaving on Amazon. They really help other shoppers decide on a book to read. And as of midnight last night, the book was live on Barnes & Noble for Nook readers.

For those who have not read Dog’s Run yet, it’s a grittier book than my Big Lake mysteries. It is set in a small town in Ohio in 1951, and I put a lot of effort into trying to make the dialogue authentic. Which means that it’s not exactly politically correct. (Like I ever am?)

Last night Greg called to tell me that he had finished the book. He said he was telling his wife Jan about it, and said it was a bit rougher than my Big Lake books and that a couple of times one of the characters used the dreaded N word. Her response was, “Well it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a cooking show!”

Thought For The Day – Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

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  10 Responses to “Time To Go”

  1. You might want to reconsider going to Bend at this time of the year Nick. The TT park is actually about 20+ miles south of Bend at Sun River which is close to La Pine. We have seen frost in August before. Just looked at Weather Underground and they say the low temps are gong to be in the low 30s and 20s, also a chance of snow…….probably not the kind of temps and weather that you would find pleasant. Ed

  2. Good Morning Nick,
    We are in Bend , and I just had to go outside to walk the dog and I could see my breath. If you turn inland at Newport or Florence and get on 5 south and take 89 between Mt Shasta and Lassen you come out on 395 north of Reno and then you can run 395 . The fall colors should be just about perfect and the skies will be blue. Check Eastern Sierra tourism and Mono County tourism. There is a car show in Bishop in October ! The history in the area is incredible…lots of stories.
    Happy Travels,

  3. What Ed said. It does get cold over there for sure. We we’re at LaPine State Park in Aug a couple of years ago and we saw temps down in the teens. Burrrr….

  4. We have been at the Sunr/iver (Bend) TT park for 2 weeks. Yeah … it is nippy when you first wake up … but the days have warmed nicely in between occasional rain showers. The sun is supposed to be coming back, however. On the plus side, there is a dandy hot tup for easing those achy joints and a heated pool. There is also a very nicely equipped laundry room!! Nice young woman selling fresh produce Thurs – Sunday and a good RV repair facility in Bend … Coach Masters. We are headed there today for a bit of work before we head down through California on our way back to Tucson. Safe Travels!

  5. What Mary said!! I was raised in the Eastern Sierras around Bishop as a young girl .. this time of year the colors are spectacular!! Check out Bodie State Park (in the car … 2 mile dirt road). A real old west ghost town … my mom spent her summers there amid the gunfights. GREAT history along 395!!

  6. Thanks a lot Nick! I bought Dog’s Run and started it last night planning to read an hour or so. It was so good I didn’t get to bed until after 2 and had to be up at 7:30 for work!! Excellent, excellent book.

  7. You have another winner in Dog’s Run Nick. I’d agree with those who have said it’s your best book ever. You captured the feeling of that era perfectly and created a story I couldn’t put down. The ending wasn’t at all what I expected.

  8. No doubt about it Nick. Your newest book is your best one yet!

  9. Hey NIck, we’re in Whaler’s Rest right now. I think Karen saw Miss Terry driving over on the north side, but she wasn’t sure. It’s been pretty nasty weather here since Saturday. We’re starting our southward trek tomorrow. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to say hello.

  10. Roger; When I needed that same board I found it a North West Rv.

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