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I planned to get some writing done yesterday, but as it turned out, it was a day devoted to three of my favorite things, old friends, old cars, and pizza. Which means it was a great day!

It rained hard all night and we slept in yesterday morning, and soon after we woke up our friends Art and Caroline Fennell stopped by to say hello. We’ve known them for more years than I can begin to remember, and have crossed paths at RV rallies and campgrounds across the country many times. They weren’t staying at the campground, they have a timeshare at a condo in Seaside and are spending a week there. It was fun to visit with them for a while, and by the time they left we had solved most of the problems of the world.

A little later on we walked over to Dave and Lynn Cross’s New Horizon fifth wheel to chat for a while and make plans for dinner. Their couch looked like it would be perfect to stretch out on for a nice nap, but Miss Terry said that’s rude when you visit somebody.

There was a car show at the campground in the afternoon, and there’s no way I could pass that up. Wil and Cyndy Olsen were there with Dave and Lynn, and since we had not seen them in well over a year, there were lots of hugs all around. As you can see, we’re all listening closely as Wil (left) tells us how wonderful I am. It was almost a religious experience. Cyndy is standing next to him wondering, “will he ever shut up?”


About then the cars started rolling in, and what a nice collection there was!


Green coupe

Street rod

1956 Chevy

This car is towing a trailer made from a bumper car!

Coupe Go Kart Trailer

I bought a wife a T-Bird that looked just like this once, and she divorced me soon afterward. If I would have known it was that easy I’d have bought one years before. Smile


Miss Terry really liked this pre-World War II Buick and I’d buy it for her if I were rich, but I don’t want to lose her.

1941 Buick 

This was the one I wanted to take home, if my home didn’t have wheels under it.


I drove a taxicab at one time in my misspent youth, but it didn’t look this cool!


We spent some time admiring the cars on display and listening to the folks around us saying, “I had one of those back in the day.”

1957 Chevy wagon

Copper cruiser

Cruiser front

Green sedan

All of them were pretty, but this was the car that was the big hit of the show. I think I heard the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies running through my head as it passed by.



Jalopy front

And yes, that’s a rooster behind the wheel, and Lynn Cross looking at it. Sort of like a chick checking out a chick.


After we had drooled over all of the nice cars for a while, the six of us adjourned to Angelina’s Pizzeria for dinner. We had a wonderful time laughing and enjoying being together, and I think our poor waitress was happy to see us go when we finally did leave. It was nice to spend time with our friends and we hope to see them again before they all leave Seaside.

Back at home, I let Bad Nick post a new Bad Nick blog titled Here We Go Again. Check it out and leave a comment. Today is supposed to be rainy again so I plan to stay inside and write. Unless something else comes along to lure me away from my desk. If I had an employee like me, I’d fire me.

Thought For The Day – You haven’t experienced awkward until you try to tickle someone who isn’t ticklish.

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  4 Responses to “Three Of My Favorite Things”

  1. Really cool cars! We are still at Long Beach, and there are a bunch of oldies – not people, cars! – drizzling….i mean dribbling…(yes, it IS (still) raining here) in here as well. Some kind of Old Car Weekend stuff along the coast i guess. We’re moving to Chinook today, and as we went thru Ilwaco yesterday, there was a sign for the “Slow Drag” at 5 PM Friday. There’s also the same sign in L/B for FOUR PM…. guess it really IS slow if it takes an hour to go from L/B to Ilwaco!! 🙂
    BTW: The Mustang (Red w/white top) is my fave …Ed bought me one, once, (but i DIDN’T leave him) and i loved every minute i owned it!
    Have a good day, you two, and do or don’t do as much as you want!! 🙂 stevi

  2. You do know you can have your cake and eat it too with the Old Cars. They make ramps to put them on top of a 1 Ton pickup. Another solution is go first class and get a stacker trailer. Put the classic on top and daily driver on the bottom.

  3. I enjoyed Bad Nick so much tonight that I bought his book for Kindle. It was an excellent article about Syria. I love Bad Nick!

  4. Nick,

    I never had either the money nor the mechanical ability to dabble in classic cars…although I just love them. I am old enough to remember when some of the now-classic cars were the New Cars for that year. Two of my fondest memories are:

    1) when I was 16 I worked in a grocery store: stock boy, bag boy, clean-up boy…and just “the boy”. We had a 20-something Greek produce man who drove a 1955 Thunderbird hard-top convertible. It was black with red interior and when you sat in it, the hood looked like it went on forever. One day I stayed late without pay to help him clean up some problem (don’t remember what) and my surprise reward was to drive the Thunderbird around town (with him riding shotgun, of course). It was one of the highlights of my teenage years.
    2) In the early ’80’s, a friend of mine found a 1962 Corvette convertible with low miles on it stored in a barn in Montana. He had it trucked back to Denver (where we lived), fixed it up, and we drove it from Denver to Newport Beach, CA, one summer. And yes, I got to drive for a while. It was awesome.

    Thanks for bringing back some of my most wonderful memories.


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