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A lot of raindrops have been falling on our motorhome’s roof yesterday and last night, and there are going to be a lot more of them before we see the sun again. Between all of the rain and the chill in the air, it’s a good time to be inside writing. Unfortunately, it does put a damper (no pun intended) on playing tourist here on the Oregon coast.

Except for a quick run to the post office to mail out a couple of orders and to stop at Safeway for vittles, we didn’t leave the Winnebago all day. I was thinking it was a good day for a nap, but I kept myself busy all day and before I knew it, the time had slipped away. I feel a little bit cheated.

During the afternoon, Susan Pezzano came by with her iPad seeking help in ordering my Big Lake books from Amazon. She already had the Kindle app installed and we could access the Kindle store and find the books, but we couldn’t figure out how to buy them from the iPad. No problem, we used my computer to log onto her account and ordered all four of my books, as well as a fun one about a pair of yuppie’s misadventures traveling in a bus conversion called Queen of the Road that I had recommended. Susan and the author, Doreen Orion, have a lot in common.

If you love animals, please check out this blog post by another author friend of mine, Russell Blake. Russell is the bestselling author of the Jet action adventure series and a lot of other great books, and he’s got a heart of gold in spite of his intimidating exterior. Read his blog and you’ll understand what I mean. And by the way, JET is currently free on Amazon. But I warn you, after you read the first book in the series, you’ll want to read the rest.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that our friends David and Bonnie Schumaker stopped by for a visit the other day. The last time we saw them was at our last rally in Yuma. A while back David turned me on to the Peter Toth statues celebrating Native Americans, which can be found coast to coast, in Canada, and even in Hawaii. One of them is just up the road from us in Astoria. David and Bonnie have been on a quest and have now seen all 57 of them. Do you need a goal for your RV travels? Maybe you can hunt them all down, too.

Peter Toth statue Astoria 2

But before you begin your statue search, save next Saturday for a museum visit. September 28 is free museum day all over the country. Museums nationwide are giving visitors free admission. Check this web site to find a participating museum near you and learn how to get free tickets:

And finally, good news for you audiobook fans out there! Bruce Miles, who narrated my first two Big Lake mystery books, is going to be doing the third book in the series, Crazy Days in Big Lake. And I guess ACX, the production arm of; Amazon’s audiobook division, must like the series too, since they once again placed a $100/hour stipend on it to help entice top notch narrators. And don’t forget that the original Big Lake audiobook is on sale at Amazon for just $1.99. Get yourself a copy today.

Big Lake ACX

Thought For The Day – The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

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  5 Responses to “Raindrops On The Roof”

  1. Okay Nick so your saying that you can’t get your books on the IPad? Did you transfer them from your computer to the iPad? I don’t have a kindle and tried everything on the iPad to download. A little slow this morning didi I miss something.

  2. Nock, I have an iPad 3 with the Kindle app. Your friend can not order kindle books fron within the app. She will need to use safari to log into her Amazon account, then find the book and order it there. After she orders it the book will show on any of the devices she has registered with her amaxon kindle account. Hope this helps.

    I don’t know why they made it so you can not order books from within the iPad kimdle app.

  3. Nick, sorry my fingers get mixed up sometimes. Amazon, not amaxon.

  4. Barbara, J.A. is correct. You can order and read Amazon Kindle books on your iPad. You just cannot order them directly from the Kindle app on the iPad. Go to Amazon from either Safari on your Kindle or from any other computer you have, sign into your Amazon account, and place your order and the books download directly to your iPad if it is registered to that Amazon account.

  5. Hi Nick, Stevi here. Am trying to get a message to you but your ContactUs page looks like hieroglyphics….do i need new glasses?

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