Pins And Needles

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Sep 132013

We’ve been on pins and needles for two days now, worried about Terry’s 83 year old father. He and her mother spend their summers in their RV in northern Arizona and winters at their home in Mesa. Pete is a bladder cancer survivor and started having severe pain a few days ago. The hospital in Show Low could not figure out what the problem was so they recommended he go down to Mayo in Scottsdale, where his cancer surgery had been performed.

Terry’s been on the phone with her mom and sister, who is a nurse practioneer, and it looks like a gall bladder problem and treatment is being determined now. I told Terry that if we need to cut our time here on the Oregon coast and beat feet for Arizona, that’s what we’ll do. One of the great things about having wheels under our house is that we can unhook the campground utilities and go where we’re needed on short notice, and we’ve done it a time or two.

We’re not the only RVers dealing with problems right now. News reports say that 73 people were evacuated by helicopter from the Escapees RV park in Lakewood, New Mexico due to flooding. Here is a link to a video of the rescue operation.

On the flip side, there is good news to report. The local newspaper reports that Verizon’s new cell towers on Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula will be online by the end of the year, giving good 4G coverage to the Long Beach Thousand Trails preserve. That’s great news for us, because we love that area except for the terrible internet service. When we left there a week ago I said we were in no hurry to return because it was so hard to get online and get any work done.

Jumping to yet another subject, the nice folks at Workamper News, in partnership with Mobile RV Academy, are holding the RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds course at the Colorado Heights Resort in Monument, Colorado September 23rd– 27th. Taught by Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor, an RVDA/RVIA Master Certified RV technician and professional instructor/trainer, the hands-on course prepares students to diagnose and deal with 80% of the issues RVs develop that are easy to access and fix.

The RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds course was created to train workampers with technical skills to improve their marketability to future campground employers. Students will receive training in key RV systems including electrical, propane, water systems (sewer and fresh), RV appliances, air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces and refrigerators, and RV exterior systems. Along with the technical training, students interested in developing their own RV Inspection business will have live course modules during the training week. For more information, visit

In yesterday’s blog, I reported that Dan Chance and Nancy Kissack were both hooked on kites after flying with John Landry and me on the beach Wednesday. Sure enough, yesterday afternoon Dan came by to ask us if we wanted to go to the beach with them to try out their new toys, a Prism Snapshot 1.9 for him and a Prism Snapshot 1.4 for Nancy. The folks at Prism should be paying me a commission.

And finally, last night Amazon had my Big Lake audiobook listed at $1.99 or free with a 30 day free trial. I’m not sure how long it will be at that price, so grab yourself a copy while you can.

Thought For The Day – Play the cards you’re dealt… but choose who’s at the table!

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  3 Responses to “Pins And Needles”

  1. Praying things go well with your FIL. . .and you don’t need to travel under stressful circumstances. . .

    We have know Terry and Evada Cooper for ages. . .Dave took his RV Tech classes online several years ago. . .we saved enough right away with the skills he learned to more than pay for the class. . .so thumbs up for giving them a plug!

  2. I forgot to tell you before we left yesterday that when we were in LB i had seen in the paper there that Verizon was putting in 11 new towers and upgrading another 3.

  3. Prayers are coming your way and to Terry’s dad. Sure hope it is a gall bladder or something simple and not to painful for him. We got an update from our park who heard from folks who have a lot at The Ranch. The park itself had not flooded but they were totally cut off from everything. The berm around the park was holding. Main thing is they got everyone out even the ones that did not want to go left. Our prayers are with them. Please keep us updated on Terry’s dad.

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