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Sep 282013

We love wandering around the waterfront in Newport, Oregon. If we ever hang up the keys and decide to settle down in the Pacific Northwest, this would be the place. U.S. Highway 101 is the main road through town and the Deco District, where neat old commercial buildings hold fun shops selling books, antiques, and jewelry.

The Yaquina Bay Bridge is beautiful and I didn’t even snivel driving over it in the Explorer. I’ve driven across it in our motorhome in the past and didn’t snivel (much) then either.


The Bayfront area along the Yaquina Bay waterfront is more touristy, with souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, pubs, a large marina, charter boat offices, and the huge Pacific Seafood commercial seafood processing plant. There are benches along the walkway past the marina where you can sit and drink in the sights, sounds, and smells of the fishing fleet. I could spend hours doing just that. You can also buy fresh fish and Dungeness crabs right off the boats.

Newport marina

Newport marina 3

Or you can rent a crab net and catch your own dinner. There’s not much in this world that tastes better than fresh crab steamed right out of the water.

Crab net toss

Crab 2

The fish processing plants are busy 24 hours a day during the season, and we watched a truckload of tuna being unloaded into big plastic bins to be taken inside for processing.

Unloading tuna

Can full of fish

The tourists aren’t the only regular visitors to the waterfront. A large population of California sea lions hang out here part of the year, lounging on a couple of abandoned docks and some rocks in the bay. Weighing up to 1,000 pounds and as much as eight feet long, these are males that migrate south to breed with female sea lions that stay in California waters year around. You can hear the sea lions’ loud barking blocks away and it is nonstop as they compete for space on the dock or just tell the whole world how they’re feeling.

Sea lion 2

Sea lion close 2

Sea Lions sleeping 2

Sea lions sign 4

If you prefer more commercial attractions there is also a Ripley’s Believe It of Not, the Wax Works wax museum, and Undersea Gardens, where you can get a fisheye view of underwater life.

Wax Works

Undersea Gardens

Newport is also known for its nautical themed murals that decorate the sides of buildings in the Bayfront.

Whale Mural

Yaquina brewery mural

Dory mural

And that’s just one small part of this charming town, which is also home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, beautiful beaches, and more to see and do than we could get to in a year.

Unfortunately, bad weather and high winds have forced us inland. We left Newport about noon yesterday and drove 155 miles to the Escapees RV Club’s Timber Valley Co-op in Sutherlin, Oregon. We’ll be here a few days waiting for better travel conditions before we begin our trek south toward Arizona. But there’s no question about it, we’ll be returning to Newport again, and until we do, we have lots of fun memories of our favorite town on the Oregon coast.

Thought For The Day – If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it. – Jonathan Winters

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  11 Responses to “Newport Bayfront”

  1. Nick I just finished reading your new book Dog’s Run and I have to agree with the others who have said its your best book yet. As with all of your novels I felt like I knew the characters by the time I was halfway through. And the epilogue at the end was a wonderful final twist!!! Well done sir.

  2. Nick, The Evergreen Co-op is in Chimicum, WA. The one in Sutherlin, OR is called Timber Valley. I love Newport, too – thanks for the virtual visit.

  3. travel safe, we love that area of Oregon and probably be there next summer after our stop in California to see our grandson Marcuse.

  4. So which is it? Oregon or Florida IF/WHEN you hang up your keys. I understand, it’s really hard to pick JUST ONE! They both are fabulous 🙂

  5. David & I enjoyed our time at Timber Valley SKP’s Park…just 2 weeks ago. Just a few highlights we enjoyed are: Oakland, Oregon just 3 miles from the Park. A small quaint town with lots of old brick buildings from the 1850s +; the Oakland Museum with hours of 1:30 to 3:30 pm (M-F?); the Oakland Tavern with wonderful sandwiches (a recommendation from a Park resident); the old ice cream parlor; and the Rochester covered bridge (about 4-5 miles from Oakland), the last of the covered bridges in the area. This is for Terry. Outside of Roseburg is Kruse’s Farms (well-known). There are signs on I-5 south for the exit, but ask at the office. Good fruits/veggies/jam/bakery. About 12 miles from Sutherlin is the Lighthouse..interesting sandwiches and great breads. David ate one of their sandwiches & said it was good and I had their soup/salad (recommendation from the hairdresser). We had breakfast at the White House Tea & Company in Sutherlin (on Central, across from the post office, with white horses in front (also recommendation from the Park). We felt the Italian restaurant in Sutherlin was not that good. However, the Mexican restaurant west of I-5 on Central near the camp ground on the hill, was wonderful (in a strip mall that is 3/4 empty with the restaurant in the corner…we had lunch there. Roseburg has their farmers market on Saturday mornings…great produce, too. Enjoy.

  6. If I ever hang up the keys in Oregon it will be at the Seaside Beach Club. You get the beach, prom, shops, and restaurants without the fishy smell and barking sea lions. We vacationed there several times before we started full-timing and loved every visit.

  7. No offense to you, but I NEVER read fiction. I prefer biographies and books on history, and while Patricia went on and on about your Big Lake books, I had no interest. Last week she downloaded your new Dog’s Run book and was telling me how good it was but I still wasn’t impressed. But Thursday day I found myself sitting in the lounge at the Ford dealer getting some work done and realized that I had grabbed her Kindle instead of mine when I left the house. Since the latest magazine they had was a two year old copy of People I started looking for something on her Kindle and settled on Dog’s Run because at least it had an old car on the cover and that’s kind of historical, right? Within the first two chapters I knew I had to finish the story. It just flowed so smoothly and every chapter ended was a cliffhanger, either dramatic or subtle, that I had to keep reading. Damn you Nick, now I read fiction too! Just started your first Big Lake book this morning.

  8. My mistake, we are at Timber Valley Co-op in Sutherlin, Oregon. And it is a very nice park. I can see why so many people love it here.

  9. Candace, it would still be Florida. As pretty as it is here in Oregon, mt joints won’t take the constant damp cold.

  10. We got up Friday morning, took one look at the weather report, and were out of Newport by 1:00P, about 10 days earlier than we had originally planned. A second weekend with 60 mph winds was too much for us!

    I am writing this from Canyonville, Oregon. We are out of the rain, at last, and we haven’t encountered any wind, so far, but all the weather reports as we head south on I-5 have high wind warnings.

    Butch has emailed your blog of a few days ago about his bike to friends and relatives around the country. He is so proud I had to stretch his hat to get it on his head.

  11. So glad you love our Oregon coast. There are so many beautiful areas across this great U S of A, and we’ haven’t seen them all… yet. But I’m always so glad to get back home to OR in the summer. (Winters… meh!) No place more beautiful than Oregon in the summer. (We are in Depoe Bay on the coast right now… big storm at the moment.) Love it!

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